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Age Spots in Men: How to Reduce and Remove

Men's age spot removal

Men’s age spots, or sometimes called liver spots, are small black or brown spots that appear on the skin as a man ages. Age spots on men usually start appearing around the age of 40, but can arrive earlier without proper men’s skin care. While the spots are harmless, they are undesirable and something that is preventable and reducible with only a little effort.  If you’re interested in reducing or removing men’s age spots, read on to find the best way to do so.

What Are Men’s Age Spots?

Men’s age spots are small dark (brown or sometimes black) spots on the skin that have spent the most time heavily exposed to the sun. Age spots on men typically appear on the face, backs of hands, shoulders, and forearms. The age spots are no reason for alarm though. Despite their appearance, they are not cancerous and generally are not a reason to visit your physician.

What Causes Age Spots in Men?

Men’s age spots are primarily caused by many years of exposing your skin to UV rays from the sun or tanning booths. Melanin is the natural chemical in the body that is responsible for the pigment of the skin. Ultraviolet light from the sun and tanning booths accelerates the production of melanin, creating the tan on your skin. A tan is your body’s way to protect deeper skin tissue from being exposed to the UV rays. In other words, a tan is not your body’s healthy glow – it’s your skin’s way of protecting itself from an outside offender – UV rays.

Men’s age spots start to occur when high levels of melanin are concentrated in one area of the skin, creating an age spot.

If you’re younger, take warning, the more fair your skin is, and the higher probability that you will get age spots.

Reduce and Remove Age Spots with a Men’s Age Spot Removal Cream

The best way to remove age spots in men is with an advanced anti-aging routine that includes a night serum for men and a men’s age spot removal cream.

The best face serum for men absorbs quickly down into your skin's deepest layers. There, it stimulates collagen production and slows cell maturation. This leads to healthier, younger skin. Allow it dry completely before using the other products in your advanced anti-aging routine.

The best age spot removal cream for men will contain Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), green tea, and Vitamin E. MSM is a well known nutrient found in super foods such as spinach and kale that assists in reducing skin pigmentation issues when applied over a period of time. The Vitamin E and Green Tea also help as they are rich in antioxidants that contribute to the reduction of free radicals that help create sun spots.

advanced anti aging routine for men

Once you’ve started using a men’s age spot removal cream, it will take up to a few months to start seeing results. Don’t lose faith though. Sun spots have started to build up on your body over your entire lifespan, so of course it will take a little awhile to remove and reduce them.

Dermatologists may prescribe stronger age spot creams which contain powerful chemicals. In our opinion, these prescription based solutions often irritate and burn the skin, causing age spots to look worse.

For those of you that still have yet to find your first age spot, there is hope for you that the day will never come. If you are young, we suggest following a regular men’s skin care routine as your first line of defense against men’s age spots. Read our Advanced Men’s Skin Care Routine to ensure your skin keeps looking great, even into your old age.

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