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How to Use Pomade for Men

How to use pomade for men

Think of your hair as a blank canvas and hair pomade as your paint brush. Even a guy with dull, thinning hair can get an awesome look by correctly applying some men’s pomade. But what if you’re not sure about how to use pomade? We’ve got a quick guide to help you pick the right pomade for your hair and how to use pomade for men.

Choosing the Best Pomade For Your Hair

Choosing the best pomade for your hair depends on your desired end result. In general, there are five types of pomade and each provides a different benefit and look.

Wax Pomade for Men: Wax pomade provides a strong, but flexible hold with a natural shine finish. This pomade is generally good for any type of hair and most men’s hair styles.

Cream Pomade for Men: Cream pomade typically provides a very light, flexible hold and a medium shine. This pomade is best for thin hair that only needs a little styling.

Gel Pomade for Men: Gel pomade usually provides a strong hold with a very high shine finish. This can be used for any hair type and for men’s hair styles that want a strong hold.

Paste Pomade for Men: Paste pomade offers a medium to strong hold with a medium shine finish. Paste pomades are great for any type of comb over or slicked back hair style.

Clay Pomade for Men: Clay pomades offer a very matte finish with a range of holds. If you don’t want anyone to know you have product in your hair, use clay pomade.

How to Use Pomade for Men

Once you’ve determined the best pomade for your hair, it’s time to style.

  1. Before using your pomade, we recommend washing your hair with a natural shampoo for men. This will remove old product out of your hair and to prevent build up, while making styling easier.
  2. After your shower, determine how much “shine” you want your hair to give off. In general, the wetter your hair, the more shine it will have after putting pomade in it (no matter the type of pomade). If you can, let your hair air dry as blow drying or towel drying can be very damaging to the hair.
  3. Make sure your hands are dry (or slightly damp if going for a more wet look) and start with the sides and back of your head when applying pomade. Make sure to use only a little pomade on this step as too much pomade around your head can give a gluey, dandruffy look.
  4. Dab a little more pomade on your hands and start styling the top of your hair into the best men’s hairstyle for your face shape. Make sure to start at the base of your scalp and work your way up to the top of your hair stands. Too much pomade on the tips of your hair can cause a weighed down look.
  5. If you see your hair style starting to lose structure as the day goes on, usually you can dampen your fingers with a little water and rework your hair style back to its original look. If water doesn’t work, use a small amount of pomade to rejuvenate the style.
  6. It’s best to rinse out pomade at the end of the day, but take care to only remove the pomade from your hair, not strip it of essential oils. Leaving a little bit of product in your hair is better than removing the necessary, healthy oils your hair needs to grow and look its best. Using a natural & organic shampoo for men will cleanse your hair, without stripping these oils.

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