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Are You Carrying Too Much in Your Travel Dopp Kit?

Are You Carrying Too Much in Your Travel Dopp Kit?

Do you love to travel? Or is it a major cause of stress?

Your personality plays a big part in how you feel about traveling. But so does your ability to plan for the trip. A major aspect of that is knowing how to pack appropriately.

You’ve seen the guys who overpack. They’re lugging heavy luggage down long airport halls full of things they might possibly need on their trip - but probably won’t. That third pair of shoes. The fifth shirt for a long weekend away when three will do. And a whole treasure chest full of different grooming products, most of which they’re never even going to use.

But let’s say you’ve got those overpacking issues under control. You know how to anticipate what and how much clothing you’ll need. You’ve got a handle on what can be left at home and what needs to come along for your travels.

Still, there’s probably room for improvement in one essential part of your travel bag.

Your Dopp kit.

A Dopp kit is a gentleman’s toiletry bag, designed to be just large enough to hold everything you need to keep up with skincare and grooming while you’re away from home. While some guys go ultra simple and pack just deodorant, a razor, a toothbrush, other guys go over the top and bring their entire medicine cabinet along for the trip.

What do you need to bring in your travel Dopp kit? And how do you know if you’re traveling with too much?

What You Need in Your Dopp Kit

Start with the basic essentials. For most guys that includes:

These items cover pretty much everything you’ll need for a weekend away, a short business trip, or a similar brief travel itinerary. From there you can add a few details that may come in handy, depending on the length and circumstances of your trip:

What You Don’t Need to Pack

Basically, anything else. If you’re only going to be away from home for a day or two, you don’t need to bring along some of your more specialized skincare products. If you really can’t be without, at least invest in some travel size containers - refillable ones you can reuse on every trip are best - so that you aren’t trying to jam full size bottles into your Dopp kit.

More Ways to Reduce Weight in Your Dopp Kit

If you travel often, having a dedicated set of travel products is smart. That includes mini versions of all your toiletry essentials and refillable travel bottles. That will massively cut down on the space and weight you take up in your Dopp kit.

In general, the trick to packing less is learning to do with less everyday. You can still be totally comfortable during your travels without having to bring along every comfort from home. If you’re flying, consider the frustration of dealing with extra security screenings because you have a few too many liquids in your carry-on bag. Wouldn’t it be better to cut back on your Dopp kit and only bring along the necessities?

At home, go full in with a complete skincare routine for men. But for a couple days on the road, a slimmed down Dopp kit with all the essentials - and none of the extras - is the smart choice.

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