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Does Your Hairstyle Flatter Your Face?

Does Your Hairstyle Flatter Your Face?

You want to dress for success. So you’ve invested in a stylish, professional wardrobe. 

You want healthy, youthful skin. So you follow a men’s grooming routine and take skincare for men seriously.

But what’s going on with your hair?

A great hairstyle flatters your face and augments your appearance. It gives you an advantage in the business world and on a personal level. 

But the wrong look can be a disaster. Take a look in the mirror. Does your hairstyle flatter your face? Or is it time to visit your barber for an updated look?

Hair Goals

If you want to change your hairstyle, what’s the motivation? This is critical. Don’t move forward with a revamped look until you know what your hair goals are.

Looking to leverage your looks in the business world? Stick to a more conservative hairstyle that is just edgy enough to draw attention. Don’t push boundaries too much. That can make you an outsider instead of just setting you apart from the masses.

Personal life need some attention? Make sure you find a hairstyle that draws attention to your best features. It should match your personality as well.

Just want to mix things up? That’s fine too. Men’s grooming is about more than just getting ahead or finding a significant other. Enjoy style for the sake of itself. Take a daring new step into a cutting edge haircut. Worse case scenario, it always grows back.

Know Your Hair Texture

Before you choose a new look you need to know your hair better. What’s its texture?

Thick - Works with most hairstyles, both long and short. Great for textured looks.

Wavy - Longer styles complement the natural movement of this hair type.

Curly - Keep it short for a more conservative look or be edgy and show off your curls.

Straight - Beware of sharp, spiky looks. Otherwise you have plenty of options.

Fine - Shorter cuts and styles that build volume will complement this hair type the best.

Know Your Face Shape

The right hairstyle will highlight your strengths. It will also soften any hard features and leave you looking your best. 

Oval - A classic short cut with hair slightly longer on the top looks great. Stay away from styles that will make your hair seem rounder. Avoid bangs down on your forehead. Enhance your features with sharp angles and a strong part. 

Round - You want to create the illusion of height and angles to strengthen your features. Short on the sides, longer on top will give you height and length. Messy on top with shorter sides works too. For a clear masculine line use a side part. Flattops look great on round faces too.

Square - This face is shape is naturally masculine and strong. You want to emphasize those chiseled features without taking it too far. A classic undercut, a slicked back cut, or a buzz cut will all flatter your appearance. In general, choose a style that softens the corners of your face. Longer hair up top with shorter sides is a good choice.

Diamond/Triangle - Balance your look with greater hair volume on top. That helps create the illusion of an oval shape. A cut that’s squared off on top, like a pompadour or quiff, is complementary. So is a classic schoolboy cut: brushed forward, fuller on the sides, long bangs.

What to Do with a Receding Hairline

Straight talk - a lot of guys are dealing with a receding hairline. The good news is you can still create a flattering look. Leave things messy on top to create more volume and make it look like you have more hair. 

Take good care of the hair you do have. Use natural shampoo for men and organic hair conditioner for men. These will promote hair growth and give you a great shine and more volume.

Feeling brave? Ready to shave it all off? A total buzz cut is a bold look that can be very flattering.

Match Your Hairstyle to Your Personality 

Before you make a huge change in your hairstyle, ask yourself these three questions:

How much time am I willing to invest in styling and general hair upkeep?

Some hairstyles require lots of maintenance. You may need to visit the barbershop more often or learn to use a new styling product, such as wax pomade for men.

Do you I trust by barber or stylist enough to overhaul my look?

Even if you bring in a picture of the hairstyle you want, your barber will need to adjust it to your face and hair. Explain your desired look in detail before the stylist proceeds with your haircut. This is not the kind of thing you want to do on your first visit to a new barbershop.

Am I ready for the attention that an extreme change will bring?

Any change in your personal style will draw attention. The more extreme your hairstyle upgrade is, the more heads will turn. Remember, even if you look great, opinions will vary. Be sure you’re ready for criticism before you visit the barber.

Enhance Your Look with a Great Hairstyle

Your hair has a huge impact on your personal style. So take care of it.

Use natural shampoo for men to keep it clean and healthy. Apply organic hair conditioner for men as well. And style with flexible wax pomade for men.

Consider your hairstyle carefully. Choose the best hairstyle that flatters your face and enhances your look. You’ll earn yourself plenty of benefits - and complements. 

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