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Hate to Shave? 3 Ways to Upgrade the Process

Hate to Shave? 3 Ways to Upgrade the Process

For most guys - even if you rock a beard - shaving is a part of life. Whether you're just cleaning up your ice pick beard or have to be absolutely smooth for your suit and tie office job, you want to the best shave possible.

Easier said than done.

Even a lot of guys who take men's grooming and men's skincare seriously have shaving frustrations. Redness, itchy skin irritation, and ingrown hairs are loathsome plagues on mankind.

Of course, The Grooming Manual has tackled this concern before. You should be using natural shave cream for men - not a lathering, soapy mess that doesn't even protect your skin. And keeping your skin clean and well hydrated every day with natural face wash for men and face moisturizer for men will make things easier.

Still hate to shave despite your best efforts? Make these three shave routine upgrades to improve your process and take things to the next level.

1 - Replace Your Razor Frequently

How many uses do you force out of a disposable razor?

Come on. Be honest.

Ok. Quit being stingy and trying to last a month on a razor designed for a week - maximum - of shaving.

What are the benefits?

-- Closer shave. A fresh razor is certain to give you a much closer shave than a used one. That's just logical. Each shave dulls the blade and gets you further and further from the ideal, smooth experience you deserve.

-- Less Bacteria. Your used razor is an all-inclusive resort for disgusting bacteria. They've got it all - dead skin cells, dirt and grime, and a cool, damp environment. When you shave with that old blade, you take those bacteria and drop them right into your open, waiting pores. It's a recipe for men's skincare disaster - including pimples, blemishes, redness, and itchiness.

2 - Start with Scrub

Using face scrub for men is essential if you want to prepare your skin for a smooth shave. How does it work?

First, how it doesn't work. Face scrub for men is not for daily washing. For everyday facial cleansing, choose a natural face wash for men (which is an important upgrade in itself from using a soap bar).

It's not a face moisturizer for men either. That hydrates your skin daily to keep it healthy and to prevent early signs of aging.

So what's the point of face scrub for men?

It gets rid of the dead junk - like decaying skin cells, dirt, and oil - that has collected on your skin. The best face scrub for men contains exfoliating ingredients like pumice that break away dead skin cells. This is the perfect pre-shave process. It leaves your skin fresh, removes bacteria and other debris, and raises your whiskers up and away from your skin. That gets you the closest, smoothest shave possible.

3 - Finish with Alcohol-Free Aftershave

It's time to grow up and realize that aftershave doesn't have to sting and burn to be effective. If your current aftershave seems to be made from the same ingredients as your cologne, it's time for an upgrade.

Natural aftershave that soothes and protects your skin is more like a lotion than a cologne. It dries quick and smooth. Yes - aftershave should be antiseptic to reduce bacteria on your face and protect you from post-shave irritation. But it doesn't have to do that with alcohol.

Upgrading your shave routine does not have to mean totally changing your approach to men’s grooming. A few smart adjustments will make all the difference in the world between an uncomfortable morning ritual and a refreshing way to start the day.

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