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How to Look Great When You Feel Exhausted

Men's Grooming Tips When You Feel Exhausted

Long nights are great. Until the morning comes. You feel exhausted and you don’t want to do anything. But duty calls - usually work duties. You need smart men’s grooming to take you from tired eyed to looking great.

Quick caveat: These are emergency tactics. Really, you should be getting more sleep. Most adults need 7-8 hours of sleep each night to be at the top of their game.  

Assuming your late nights are not becoming a chronic problem, these skincare for men techniques can change your tired complexion. Take a few minutes to follow this morning routine. The rest of the day will go much smoother.

Get Up and Stretch

You need to get the blood flowing. This will wake you up and help you feel better right away. If you had a few too many drinks last night, exercise might be the last thing you want to do. But just five minutes can make a difference. Light stretching or exercise will do wonders for your miserable morning. 

Wash Away the Evidence

A nice hot shower will wake you up. But don’t just stand there wishing you were still in bed. Use face wash for men to rinse away the dirt of your long night. This is mega-important if you lost sleep on a red eye flight. Airplanes and airports are dirty and no good for your skin. 

For the best results, use face scrub for men too. It’s the perfect follow up to a quality face wash. Dead skin cells accumulate on your face and give you a dull, tired look. Scrub those away to reveal fresh, healthy skin. You’ll look your best, even if you’re feeling your worst.

How’s your hair looking and feeling? Any debris collected in there from the evening’s activities? Make sure you’re ready for action by using natural shampoo for men. Follow up with hair conditioner for men. It will give your hair a healthy, shiny look and a pleasing texture.

On the topic of scrubs, a body scrub will get rid of any leftover grime from your nighttime escapades. A soap bar for men with a scrubbing texture can make you feel good all over. The invigorating scent of a natural soap bar for men scented with essential oils will get you ready for your day, no matter how bad you want to sleep in. 

Groom Your Tired Mug

Looking a hot mess is a dreadfully obvious sign that you had an intense night. After your shower, you need to clean up your style. Use natural shave cream for men for a clean, fresh look. If you have a beard, give it a quick trim and apply beard oil - it will give your facial hair a healthy, natural shine. 

Don’t leave the house without hydrating your skin. Face moisturizer for men is an everyday essential part of good men’s grooming. But it’s doubly important when you’ve had a rough night. A moisturizing cream will prevent dry skin throughout the day and improve your complexion. 

Bedhead hair is a bad sign to everyone around you that things got out of hand last night. Take care of your hair with natural pomade for men. It won’t turn your hair rock solid or crunchy. But it will keep errant strands in place and hide the fact that you’re fighting the urge to fall sleep.

Have a High-Protein Breakfast

Don’t go carb crazy - especially if you’re hung over. That could turn into a big, nauseous mess. Instead, go for something light and high in protein. A quick protein shake is a smart plan. Eggs are fast and easy too. Most days, you’ll feel much better with some food in you. 

Bonus: Grab a Quick Caffeine Boost

Coffee isn’t for everybody, but it can be a lifesaver on a slow morning. Don’t overdo it - just a cup or two can give you a sufficient energy boost. Be wary if your stomach is bothering you. Caffeine isn't so easy on your gut, especially if you’re downing it on an empty stomach.

Save the Day with Smart Men’s Grooming

A long night doesn’t have to ruin your style. Perk up and look your best with this simple men’s grooming process. You might still feel awful, but at least you’ll look your best by the time you walk out the door. 


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