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Research Proves Bad Habits Cause Early Aging

Research Proves Bad Habits Cause Early Aging

Your skin is a exterior reflection of your interior health. Take care of your body, and your skin will look its best. But if you’re making bad lifestyle choices that negatively affect your health, don’t expect your skin to look great.

Yes, following a skincare for men routine is critical to having the best, healthiest skin possible. But you can’t totally remove the effects of bad habits and an unhealthy lifestyle. It takes hard changes to accomplish that.

Feeling unmotivated? Does it seem like making those big changes is too challenging and not worth it? Consider this recent research that proves that your bad habits are causing early aging.

Research into Smoking and Heavy Drinking

It’s no surprise to researchers that smoking causes early aging. As far back as 1856, that correlation had already been identified and reported on. But the latest research backs up those reports even more.

A recent study by Danish researchers  - “Alcohol consumption, smoking and development of visible age-related signs: a prospective cohort study” - analyzed the health information collected from more than 11,000 Danish men and women. The data was collected as participants were followed from 1976 until 2003. The data included their drinking habits, smoking habits, eating habits, and reports from medical exams that measured their heart disease and signs of aging.

Aging can be hard to quantify, so the study looked at 4 common signs of aging: a grey ring around the eye’s cornea, eyelid plaque growth, male pattern baldness, and creases on the earlobes.

What were the results? How do these common habits - smoking and heavy drinking - factor into the aging process?

Heavy Drinking and Aging

Men who were heavy drinkers were up to 36% more likely to develop earlobe creases than light or moderate drinkers. Of the four aging factors analyzed, the only one that did not show a direct relationship with heavy drinking was male pattern baldness - it’s mostly genetic. Even so, all the non-genetic signs of aging were accelerated and more clearly apparent in men who drank heavily.

Interestingly, men who totally abstained from alcohol were not any better off than those who drank lightly or moderately. It seems that the old adage, “Everything in moderation,” is worth following.

Smoking Speeds Up Aging

It’s no surprise that smoking accelerates the aging process. The dangerous chemicals in cigarette smoke damage your skin, slow the production of collagen, and lead to deeper wrinkles earlier in life.

Nicotine also narrows blood vessels, making it harder for your skin to receive the nutrients and oxygen it needs to stay healthy and firm. Beyond the aesthetic detriments of smoking, there’s also the concern of developing skin cancer.

What Can You Do?

First, get your lifestyle aligned with better health. That means quitting smoking ASAP. It’s hard, it takes determination, and you’ll likely face setbacks. But remember, you’re making that change for your long term health and wellness - plus that of your loved ones.

As for drinking, you don’t have to give up alcohol entirely. But keep your consumption to light or moderate levels in order to prevent health problems, skin damage, and premature aging.

Reverse the Aging Process

You can’t go back in time, but the best natural anti aging products for men will help you restore your skin to a more youthful appearance. When used daily, a combination of face serum for men, anti aging cream for men, and eye cream for men can significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkle, fine lines, eye bags, and age spots.

best natural anti aging products for men

Feel overwhelmed by the idea of making so many changes? Take small steps towards better health and skin. Start with a basic face care routine for men. If quitting smoking cold turkey is too much, slowly reduce how much you smoke until you can totally stop. And if drinking less is a challenge, find a support group or get help from loved ones. The benefits of those changes are more than worth the effort it will take.

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