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What Your Body Odor Could Be Trying to Tell You

What Your Body Odor Could Be Trying to Tell You

Body odor. BO. It’s trouble. No one wants to be that guy stinking up the room. But it’s happened to most guys at some point. Especially if you’re an active, fit man who works out regularly.

First, let’s admit that body odor is totally natural. Bacteria on your skin feed on your sweat and produce waste that smells like - you guessed it - BO. But beyond that, there are lots of genetic and biological details that determine just how bad you stink.

Apart from general body odor, there are all kinds of other foul smells that could be emerging from your body. They come from your mouth, your feet, your pits, your crotch, and your digestive system. Before you get too obsessed with trying to cover up those bad smells, however, make sure you know what’s causing them. It could be that your body is trying to tell you something important.

Body Odor: What It Means

For most guys, issues with bad BO stem from a lackluster personal hygiene regimen. It could also be that your excessive body hair is causing moisture and bacteria to get trapped, leading to stronger, more pungent body odor. Or maybe you’ve started wearing tighter clothing and it’s creating a bacteria-friendly, sweaty environment where BO gets out of control.

If your hygiene is less than stellar, it’s time to focus on that. Use a natural body wash for men in the shower or an all in one wash for men that you can use on your hair, face, and body. Don’t settle for products with harsh chemicals that dry out your skin. Instead, go with a natural and organic wash that is scented subtly with essential oils. They’ll leave you feeling fresh and smelling great.

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The simplest solutions are often the best. Get more generous with your deodorant or antiperspirant application. Really get it up in your pits - especially if you’re going to the gym or will be spending a lot of time outdoors in the sun.

Stinky Feet: What It Means

Sweaty feet stink, pretty much no matter what. But an especially rank odor from your sneakers may be due to a fungal infection. Check your feet for blisters, redness, or scaly skin - especially around your toes. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, common symptoms of Athlete’s Foot include dry-looking skin, scaling or peeling skin, itching between the toes, and inflammation or swelling.

Athlete’s Foot is no joke. This fungus can cause more serious problems if allowed to grow between your toes and spread. So if you’ve noticed this symptoms - including extra-stinky feet - get to your podiatrist.

Bad Breath: What It Means

In many cases, bad breath means your dinner had too much garlic and onions. But if you practice good oral hygiene - brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once each day - and still have bad breath, it could be something more than your diet.

One possible culprit is sleep apnea. This sleeping disorder causes you to stop breathing due to airway blockage during the night. It makes you snore excessively - which leaves you with a dry mouth. That is a great place for bacteria to grown, resulting in some nasty morning breath.

Visit a doctor if you’ve tried to get rid of your bad breath but nothing else seems to be working. Sleep apnea is serious and has been associated with high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes - it’s no joke.

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