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10 Men’s Skincare and Grooming Resolutions for 2019


Do you start the New Year dreaming of all the ways you can improve your life in the coming months? Maybe you imagine a new, full schedule of fitness and exercise. Or healthy eating that magically sheds your excess weight away.

There are lots of big picture resolutions you could set for yourself. But the sad truth is that most people don’t stick to it. And the bigger and grander your resolutions are, the harder they will be to keep.

This year, try a men’s skincare & grooming resolution that is effective, attainable, and can bring tremendous positive change to your life. Here are 10 resolutions you can set for yourself this year - that aren’t just over-ambitious pipe dreams.


Start a Skincare Routine

If you’re new to the idea of skincare or just intimidate by the whole idea, you need an easy way to start in 2019. Get our Free Starter Sample Kit. Thousands of guys have used it to discover their own approach to skincare.

You get 17 products that you can test for yourself in the privacy of your own home. You won’t have to ask pesky salespeople about what products to get. There’s no embarrassment or judgment by the jerks who still don’t understand the value of skincare for men. You just get to enjoy getting significant benefits for your skin.

Wash & Hydrate Every Day

Maybe you’ve tried a few skincare products before, but your approach has been haphazard so far. You can make 2019 the year you change that for the better. Commit to using face wash for men and face moisturizer for men each morning and evening.

What will you notice if you keep this resolution going? Clearer skin. Less dryness - which means fewer fine lines and wrinkles. Less irritation. And fewer breakouts.


Get Rid of Shave Irritation

Shaving is a daily nightmare for far too many men. If you still dread the process, make 2019 the year you take control. There are two key ways you can improve your shave routine and get rid of shave irritation:

  1. Use face scrub for men before you shave. This cleans out the pores, removes dead skin cells, and stands whiskers up and away from the skin.
  2. Use better products. A pre shave oil for men could be just what you need to create a slicker shave surface and save your skin from irritation. And quit using foaming creams - those air bubbles aren’t protecting your sensitive skin. Switch to a non-lathering shave cream for men with a rich texture that coats your skin.


Find More Time for Me

Feeling stuck in the constant rush of life? Take some time for yourself in 2019. There are lots of ways you can do this - meditation, fitness, yoga, reading, etc. But if you combine a relaxing moment for yourself with a smart skincare routine, you’ll get double the results.

Try using a face mask for men this year. It takes about 15 minutes to apply, dry, and then rinse off. While it’s deep cleaning your face, you can enjoy a few quiet moments to yourself. Use it once or twice a week. After the course of an entire year of sticking to this routine, you’ll enjoy clearer skin with a brighter complexion, fewer blemishes, and a more even tone.


Look and Feel Younger

Unless time travel is finally invented in 2019, you can’t literally go back to when you were younger. But the right anti-aging skincare routine for men can achieve significant results. It only takes a few minutes each morning and evening to apply the products in our Advanced Anti-Aging Routine.

If you’re noticing more wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and age spots, you may worry that nothing can be done. Not true. A powerful routine with the best anti-aging products for men can reduce wrinkles, even your skin tone, and prevent future lines from forming. Make sure you’re consistent with your routine - applying these products daily - in order to get the best results.


Get Oily Skin Under Control

Frustrated with your oily skin? Find a smarter approach to skincare in 2019. Try a skincare routine for men with oily skin. It should include a skin toner for men that reduces oil, controls shine, and refreshes your appearance.

You don’t have to do anything outlandish to get oily skin under control. Just stick to a routine that uses the best skincare products for men with oily skin. You’ll get results if you’re consistent.


Reduce Skin Irritation

What about guys with dry or sensitive skin? If you fall into this category, you frequently struggle with redness, irritation, flakes, and itch. In many cases, this is caused by harsh ingredients in low quality skincare products.

Resolve to make a switch to the best skincare products for men with sensitive skin. Don’t let harsh soaps make you less confident in your appearance ever again.


Enjoy Thicker, Healthier Hair

If you’re a man with hair, there’s a good chance that you’ll eventually experience thinning and hair loss. It’s extremely common - but nobody likes to talk about it or even admit that it’s happening.

Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away or get any better. So this year, do something about it. Use the best hair care products for men with thinning hair. Our Daily Strengthening Shampoo is formulated to strengthen and thicken hair strands for fuller, healthier hair. Our Revitalizing Hair Conditioner soothes the scalp and promotes hair growth - so the hair you still have looks its very best.


Feel More Confident in My Appearance

This is one of those resolutions that sounds great but is hard to achieve in reality. That’s because it’s difficult to measure how confident you are on a day to day basis. And whether that confidence is actually growing. So how can you achieve this goal?

Take control of your appearance and your skincare habits. Don’t leave them to chance or wonder whether or not you’ve done your best to look good. When you follow the best skincare routine for men and stick to it, you can start every day knowing you’ve done all you can to look your best. That confidence will carry over into many aspects of your life - so it’s all good.


Become a Morning Person

Younger guys especially seem to struggle with this. If you’re ready to make 2019 the year you become a morning person, great! Focus on getting to bed earlier, creating a morning routine, and getting better quality sleep.

What if things don’t go so well at first? You can at least look the part of the morning over-achiever by using eye cream for men each morning. It will brighten your eyes, reduce eye bags, and eliminate dark circles.

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