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Shaving for Men with Sensitive Skin

Shaving tips for men with sensitive skin

Shaving for men with sensitive skin can be an absolute nightmare. No matter what you do, you get redness, bumps, irritation, and ingrown hairs. We’re here to save your face by outlining some men’s shaving tips to increase the comfort of your shaves.

Pre shave is the key

Shaving for men with sensitive skin starts prior to even grabbing your blade. Everything you do, and don’t do, prior to shaving is what will determine the outcome of your shave.

When you have sensitive skin, we strongly urge that you do not shave first thing in the morning. It takes a few hours for your blood to circulate from your head back into the body. This excess blood in your head causes the skin to bloat, preventing whiskers from fully protruding from the skin. Shaving before bed is a better option.

Always take a hot shower prior to shaving. This will soften the skin and open up the pores to let your whiskers protrude fully from the skin’s surface.

If your skin can handle it, use a face scrub for men prior to the shave. This will further loosen your whiskers, allowing for a cleaner swipe of the blade. Take caution not to overdo the face scrub, as men with sensitive skin are more likely to get irritated from them.

Follow up with a dollop of face moisturizer for men all over the shave area. With every swipe of your blade, you’re removing hydration from your skin so pre-hydration is key. Dehydrated skin equals irritated skin, and irritated skin will more easily get red and can create ingrown hairs.

Stop using store cartridge blades

Your skin was not meant to have three to five blades rubbed over it. Every pass creates a chain reaction of irritation to your skin. In an ideal world, shaving would be with as few blade swipes as possible.

The best razors for men with sensitive skin are safety razors. Yes, they’re a little bit of an upfront investment, but it will pay dividends by giving you a close, irritation free shave.

While shaving, never under any circumstances shave against the grain. This will always result in bumps, ingrown hairs, redness, and irritation. Always shave with the grain.

Stop using lathering/foaming shaving creams

The best shaving cream for men with sensitive skin is a natural men’s shaving cream. The ingredients in any shaving cream that lathers or foams are highly irritable to the skin. Even when you just apply it to your face and don’t pass a blade over your skin, you will notice irritation. This is how powerful those chemicals are.

Shaving cream’s that lather or foam also create microscopic air pockets atop the skin. This allows the blade to make direct contact with your skin, creating major irritation.

A natural shaving cream for men will create a lubricated barrier between your skin and the blade. Intuitively, it should be apparent that a natural shaving cream for men is the best shaving cream for men with sensitive skin. Would you want air pockets that allow direct contact with the skin, or a lubricated barrier?

Use an aftershave

If you ask us, one of the best shaving tips for men with sensitive skin is to always use an aftershave. Don’t use just any aftershave though, always use the best aftershave for men with sensitive skin – a natural men’s aftershave. Menthol or alcohol after shaves will irritate your skin tremendously. Both are well known irritants of the skin, but yet they’re put in products meant to sooth the skin. A natural aftershave for men will be both alcohol free and contain natural alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs). AHA’s soothe the skin and help thwart bacteria from building up in the newly opened whisker pores. Bacteria can lead to bumps and redness, or even worse, infection.

The best shaving tips for men with sensitive skin all revolve around one key point: take care of your skin. Always aim to avoid irritants and maintain hydration. If you take all of these precautions, you should at least keep any irritation to a minimum or prevent it all together.

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