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The #1 Men’s Skin Care Mistake

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Are you guilty of the #1 men’s skin care mistake? If you wake up or go to bed without using a face wash for men, then you’re guilty. Cleansing the face of oil, impurities and bacteria is the easiest and most effective way to have clear, healthy looking skin on your face. In this day and age, there’s no reason for you not to have a premium men’s face wash sitting in your shower.

Cleanses: Using a men’s face wash in the morning and before you go to bed allows you to cleanse it of oil, sweat, grime and other impurities that can clog the pores and cause your face to not look clear. Using a face wash for men also acts as a natural toner, dissolving dead skin cells and any other build up on the face which can create impurities.

Hydrates: After you’ve cleansed your face, it’s always important to hydrate it. Using a men’s face wash, even if natural, can remove some natural essential oils from the skin. Your skin needs a healthy level of oils on it to act as protection and keep it looking healthy. Even men with oily skin types need a certain level of oil on their face. The best face wash for men will also contain natural skin moisturizers such as aloe, Vitamin E, Olive Oil. This allows the men’s face wash to act as a two in one product.

You always want to make sure you buy a men’s face wash that matches your skin type. Most men fall into three different skin types:

  • Dry/sensitive: Your face constantly feels dry or even rinsing it with water causes your face to feel dehydrated.
  • Normal: For the most part, your skin looks healthy and non-irritated no matter what you use on it.
  • Oily/Combo: Your skin probably has pools of excess oil and shine, and perhaps some acne from the oil.

Learning your men’s skin type and matching it up to a men’s face wash will allow you to get the most out of your purchase.

Generally, a guy should use a men’s face wash upon waking up and before he goes to bed. This will allow your face to look refreshed and hydrated for the day, while also preventing any oil from sitting in the pores while you sleep – causing facial impurities.

The best face wash for men will contain natural ingredients. Chemical and synthetic based face washes can easily irritate the skin, causing irritation and redness – something you’re trying to avoid. Look for natural ingredients such as aloe, Vitamin E, coconut, olive oil, and green tea.

If you’re guilty of the #1 men’s skin care mistake, you have no excuse. Incorporating a premium, natural men’s face wash is an easy addition into your men’s grooming routine.

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