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Are Your Men’s Skin Care or Grooming Products Shrinking Your Manhood?

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Have you ever stopped to think about whether your men’s skin care products or men’s grooming products contain toxins that could lower your testosterone or lower your sperm count? You probably haven’t but we’re here to be the bearer of bad news – many do contain toxins that have been linked to those side effects.

Phthalates: Phthalates are a group of chemicals used to make plastic flexible and harder to break. They very often find their way into grooming and skin care products as well. Unfortunately, phthalates are often undetected in men’s grooming products because they usually get lumped into the ingredient “fragrance”.

Phthalates are known endocrine disrupters, the glands responsible for your hormone levels. According to various studies, phthalates have been known to lower normal testosterone levels and male growth hormones, warp genital development, lower sperm counts, reduce sperm motility, and damage sperm as well. While most studies linked to toxins in grooming products are done on mice, many of these studies have been done on humans – the real deal. According to other research, men’s testosterone levels have been declining the past two decades. We can’t say this is absolutely linked to phthalates, but we wouldn’t be surprised to hear that ingredients such as phthalates and others have helped contribute.

How can a chemical like this end up in a men’s skin care or men’s grooming product? The USA is pretty wide open when it comes to what you can put in a product. It took until 2015 for Congress to ban certain phthalates from just children’s toys. There are very few laws in the USA about what you can or cannot put in a skin care product. Almost 90% of the over 11,000 grooming and skin care ingredients known to the FDA have never been evaluated for safety, while over 1,100 of these ingredients have been banned for use in the European Union.

Your skin absorbs anywhere from 64% to 100% of anything you put on it due to its porous nature. This means if any of the skin care or grooming products you use have toxic chemicals, they are being directly ingested into your body from your skin.

How do you prevent yourself from using a men’s skin care or grooming product loaded with toxins?

Easy. Use a natural men’s skin care or natural men’s grooming products. While natural is a relative word, do a little research on the ingredients of the product you’re about to buy. While some tiny levels of chemical preservation are sometimes necessary to keep a product good longer than a few days after opening, you should look out for companies that don’t disclose fully what’s in their product. They also don’t use the word “fragrance”. Fragrance on a bottle can quite possibly mean anything – cat urine, moonshine, it doesn’t matter. It’s a “catch-all” ingredient that could have any number of chemicals within it.

The next time you’re considering buying a men’s grooming or men’s skin care product, take the time to make sure you’re using a product that won’t hurt the boys downstairs. No one likes coming up short in that department.

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