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A Little Known Trick to Prevent Ingrown Hairs Post Shave

How to prevent ingrown hair men

Nothing is more painful or annoying than an ingrown hair. Guys with naturally curly hair and men of African descent often avoid shaving because there’s a 100% chance they’re going to have bumps and ingrown hair afterwards. Thankfully, there’s a little known trick you can do post shave to help reduce ingrown hairs dramatically.

It’s common knowledge that using a men’s facial scrub prior to a shave helps make a shave a lot smoother. Exfoliating the shave area not only softens the hair, it lifts it further above the skin. This makes for a much smoother, tug free pass of the blade. What most guys don’t know, is using a face scrub for men post shave is the key to preventing ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Post shave, your skin goes through a healing process. For the first few days, the skin is sensitive, no doubt because it just had steel rub up against it. At this point, it’s best to only use some men’s face moisturizer or men’s aftershave on it to help prevent irritation and prevent bacteria from entering in the pores, causing acne. About three days post shave, hairs start to protrude from the skin. This is when using a men’s face scrub is the key to preventing ingrown hairs. As hair protrudes from the skin, many start to coil and grow back into the skin. Gently rubbing (and we mean gently since the skin is still sensitive at this point from the shave) face scrub over the shave area will uncoil the hair. Use the face scrub for men every other day for a week after you shave and ingrown hairs will start becoming a thing of the past.

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