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5 Essential Men’s Skin Care & Grooming Products to Bring on Summer Vacation


Always unsure what to bring on your summer travels? No sweat (pun intended), we’ve got you covered. Learn the five essential men’s skin care and grooming products you need to bring on your summer travels below:

Lip Balm: Bringing a men’s lip balm with SPF is key in your quest for summer glory. A natural and organic lip balm will help prevent your lips getting chapped and cracked when out in the sun all day. A men’s lip balm should contain at least SPF 15 and have a no shine formula (you don’t want to look like you’ve got lip gloss on, do you?).

Men’s Face Wash: Being out in the sun, you’re going to sweat – a lot. As sweat drips down your face, it can carry a whole host of bacteria, oil, and other pore clogging impurities. A face wash for men will remove these impurities to keep your complexion clear. You’ll want to use the face wash after you come in from the sun and before you go to bed.

Men’s Face Cream: After a long day in the sun, your face is going to be dehydrated. You’ll want to put the moisture back in its cells with a men’s face cream. We suggest a thicker cream, such as an anti aging cream as it will nourish the face a little better than a face lotion. Apply it after washing your face.

Men’s Shampoo: Speaking of sweat and oil, being out in the sun will cause build up in your hair making look greasy. A natural & organic men’s shampoo will remove this build up without stripping the essential oils your hair needs to look healthy and grow.

Men’s Body Wash: Being outside all day will make your skin sticky and you certainly don’t want to sleep in your own sweat. A natural & organic men’s body wash will remove dirt and grime, without drying out your skin as drugstore brands usually do. Another good option is an all in one wash for men - it's safe to use on your hair, face, and body.

Sunscreen: Last but not least, always make sure to apply sunscreen to all parts of your exposed skin before going out in the sun. While a tan might look nice, it’s actually a sign your skin is trying to protect itself from the sun’s harmful rays. Opt for sunscreen with at least SPF 15 and be sure to wash the sunscreen off when coming inside for the day, as sunscreen carries a whole host of toxic chemicals in it.

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