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4 Skincare Pledges You Should Make (And Keep)

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How dedicated are you to looking and feeling your best? Since you’re reading the Grooming Manual, it’s safe to assume that your skin and appearance are pretty important to you. And they should be. Guys with good skincare and grooming habits tend to be more confident, age slower, and - according to some reports - earn more money.

That’s why you should make and keep these 4 skincare pledges. Because most guys are falling behind. Sure, they’re washing their hair, face, and body. That’s a good starting point… but it’s not how you’re going to keep yourself looking your best for years to come.


I will moisturizer more than just my face.

You know the value of using a face moisturizer for men each day. It keeps your skin hydrated, prevents wrinkles from forming or getting deeper, and keeps your skin tone looking great. Don’t you want those same benefits all over your body?

The truth is that dry patches, calluses, and blemish breakouts happen all over the place. And while your face gets the most exposure to the elements, you also need to care for the rest of your skin with a men lotion.

This isn’t hard to do. It just takes about a minute each time you get out of the shower. Apply a natural body lotion for men and then a natural hand cream for men. Do it just after drying off to lock in moisture and prevent any dehydration that can happen because of showering with hot water.

You’re not doing yourself any favors if you shower with a harsh soap. Treat your skin a bit better - upgrade to a body wash for men or an all in one wash for men. That way your skin will already be in better shape when you apply your moisturizer - and it will be even more effective.


I will not skip the scrub.

Again, this goes for your face and body. Every guy should be using face scrub for men at least a couple times each week. If you have oily skin, make it 3-4 times a week. Use it after you wash your face but before applying moisturizer.

What makes scrub so different from face wash? Your face wash gets rid of excess oil, dirt, grime, and other debris. Scrub gets down into your pores to dig out the dead skin cells and oily buildup that dulls your skin and feeds the bacteria that cause blemishes. Using face scrub for men before you shave is also a great way to prevent razor burn and other irritation.

For the rest of you, try a natural soap scrub bar. Choose one with gentle cleansers and natural exfoliating agents, like peppermint leaves.


I will keep my hair in place and looking great.

Washing your hair, then combing it while it’s damp is not enough to win the style game. Upgrade to a natural wax pomade for men to prevent frizz and bedhead. If you think no one is noticing - think again. A guy who makes it all day with their hair in place has clearly got their life under control.


I will make nighttime skincare a priority.

Nailed down your morning skincare routine? Awesome. But it’s just as important to stick to a skincare and grooming routine for men at night. Restorative, anti-aging products for men have the greatest effect when allowed to work on your skin overnight.

Get a complete anti-aging routine for men that includes nighttime face serum, anti-aging cream, and eye cream. It won’t even take 5 minutes to apply the entire routine. But you’ll quickly start to notice the difference - firmer skin, fewer wrinkles, and brighter eyes.


Stick to It

These 4 skincare pledges won’t rob you of much time. They won’t send you to the poor house. But they will improve your everyday appearance and personal confidence. Stick to them - you’ll be glad you did.

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