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5 Men’s Grooming Tips to Make Your Morning Shower Even Better

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Few things in life are as refreshing, relaxing, and simultaneously stimulating as a morning shower. The warm water wakes you up gently, getting you ready for the day. You might only need to stay in for 2-3 minutes to get clean. But no one will judge you if you tend to stay in there for 10 minutes.

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to spend a little longer in the shower, these 5 grooming tips are for you. They’ll help make every luxurious moment count.


1 - Scrub and Shave

For a smooth, barbershop-level shave, do it in the shower. After you wash your face, use face scrub for men to exfoliate away dead skin cells and oily buildup. This also softens your whiskers and stands them away from your skin. Add to that a few minutes of steamy shower conditions, and you’re in for an ultra close shave with zero irritation.


2 - Start with a Face Mask

This tip starts before you step into the shower. A few minutes before you hop in, apply a face mask for men. Our Purifying Charcoal Face Mask is made with kaolin clay and activated charcoal. It pulls toxins, excess oil, bacteria, and other contaminants from your pores to prevent breakouts and dull skin.

Wait about 10 minutes while the mask dries. Then hop in the shower and rinse it off. You’ll finish up with smooth, clean, refreshed skin. For the best results, use your face mask for men just once or twice per week. Guys with dry skin should be sure to apply face moisturizer after using a mask since it tends to have a drying effect.


3 - Upgrade from Your Old Soap Bar

If you’re still using the same old soap bar your grandfather did, it’s time for an upgrade. Why?

Most soap bars are made with harsh detergents that dry out your skin. So while they do get rid of bacteria, they also leave you with excessively dry, potentially irritated skin.

There’s a better way. The best body wash for men is made with gentle ingredients that cleanse your skin but also leave it hydrated. Use it in the shower - with the water turned down to lukewarm instead of scalding hot - for healthier skin.

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4 - Pat Yourself Dry

Have you noticed the repeated theme of treating your skin gently? It’s important to keep that going even when you get out of the shower. So take it easy on your skin when you’re drying off. Instead of rubbing aggressively, pat your hair and skin softly.

Pulling and rubbing at your skin won’t help it stay taut or firm. And it’s bad for your hair too. The fast, hard rubbing that you do with your towel can weaken strands and exacerbate hair loss.

Yes, dabbing yourself dry may take longer than a high-speed rub down. But those few extra seconds you spend on treating your skin right are well worth it.


5 - Moisturize Post-Shower

Once you’re all clean and dry, finish up by moisturizing your skin. This is especially important if you have dry or sensitive skin. Even gentle soaps and body washes cause some dryness as they cleanse. So always use a natural body lotion for men to lock in moisture after you dry off.

This is another case where a little effort goes a long way. Spending about one minute hydrating your skin will prevent rough skin, flakiness, and other common skin issues.

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