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5 Skincare & Grooming Lessons Every Dad Should Teach His Son

5 Skincare & Grooming Lessons Every Dad Should Teach His Son

Boys learn so many important life lessons from their dads. A good father leaves a legacy of what it means to be a successful man, one that their sons can follow in order to achieve similar results.

When it comes to dads teaching their sons about what it means to be a man, many guys conjure an image of a dad showing their boy how to shave for the first time. It's interesting that the quintessential image of fatherly advice is a grooming routine.

Yes, skincare and grooming lessons are often passed down from father to son, even if a dad doesn't realize he's teaching a lesson. For smart fathers who want their kids to have all the advantages possible, here are 5 skincare and grooming lessons that shouldn't be missed.


Shaving Can Actually Be Enjoyable

So many men hem and haw about the misery of shaving. They seem to feel like cleaning up their facial hair is a torturous chore. But the truth is that, unless you're growing out an extensive beard, you're going to spend a good portion of your adolescent and adult life shaving most days.

Dads, want to teach your boys a critical life lesson? Everyday tasks like shaving don't have to be miserable. In fact, they can be enjoyable if you follow these guidelines:

  • Prepare. You're much more likely to succeed if you prepare well. It's a near-golden rule that applies to most things in life, including shaving. So teach your son to clean and exfoliate his face before shaving. It'll make everything so much smoother.
  • Take Your Time. Rushing through important tasks is a great way to make mistakes. Most nicks and cuts during shaving come from the same issue: rushing. Help your son shave better and approach life with a winning attitude by encouraging him to be patient.
  • Choose the Right Tools. Every job is easier when you have the right tools in hand. When it comes to shaving, nothing beats starting by exfoliating and then using a non-foaming natural shave cream. We recommend our Renewing Face Scrub and Smooth Natural Shave Butter.


Take Care of Your Hair, It's a Precious Commodity

Learning to appreciate what you have while you have it is essential to growing into a mature man. That's why fathers teach their boys to take good care of their most treasured relationships and possessions.

The truth is that a man's hair is one of his most precious assets. Well over 50% of men in their 40s are already experiencing moderate hair loss.

Hair loss can be a difficult process for many men. But instead of dreading it, smart guys can use their own fathers' advice and focus on taking care of the hair they still have. An important way to do that is switching from an oil-stripping, harsh shampoo to a gentle, natural shampoo that thickens hair strands - like our Daily Strengthening Shampoo.


Smelling Nice Is Essential

It's hard - if not impossible - to make friends and influence people when you put off a foul odor everywhere you go. Without a doubt, one of the critical life lessons a father can teach his son is that the way you smell matters and it's worth putting in the effort to always smell nice.

This starts in adolescence when boys start getting sweatier and stinkier. Smart dads will get their sons off to a good start by choosing an aluminum-free deodorant that avoids chemical fragrances in favor of essential oils - such as our Natural Deodorant.

Beyond their choice in deodorant, boys also have to learn how to use cologne the right way. Dads don't want their sons to be the guy whose cologne you can smell from across the room. Our two natural colognes - Eminent and Accolade - are made with natural, non-irritating ingredients that provide long lasting, masculine scents that don't overdo it.


Smooth Hands and Skin Are a Must

Whether you're closing a business deal or meeting a potential romantic partner for the first time, the way your hands feel means a lot. Dads want to teach their boys to always make a good first impression - and that means clean, smooth hands at all times.

Sure, some guys think that it's more masculine and tough to have rough, callused hands that feel like sandpaper when you shake them. But smart, mature dads don't let their kids hold onto such outdated nonsense. They teach them to use natural, gently-scented hand lotion to keep their hands soft, smooth, and well hydrated - like our Maximum Strength Hand Cream.


Age Brings Wisdom, Not Necessarily Wrinkles

No doubt about it - you're going to develop wrinkles as you get older. But dads who age gracefully can pass on that skill and knowledge to their sons.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to slow down wrinkles is applying an SPF moisturizer every day. That's because UV damage is the #1 accelerator of the aging process. So a smart dad will help his son get into the habit of using a daily SPF product early in life. And he'll teach his boy that ingredients matter; a zinc oxide based cream like our Daily Defense Face Moisturizer with SPF 20 is safer and better for your overall health long term than a chemical sunscreen.

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