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Beyond Beard Care: Skin Care for Beardsmen

Man with beard holding skincare product

You’ve got a magnificent beard you diligently maintain daily, but what about the rest of your face? As much as you think people admire your beard, you’ve got other parts of your head people look at just as much – the skin on your face.  

Don’t be the beardsman with an amazing beard, but a dull, wrinkly face. Follow the simple, yet effective beardsman skin care regimen below daily to keep your whole face looking awesome.


1. Cleanse

The cornerstone of energized, firm skin is a clear complexion. Using a face wash for men daily is the best way to keep your complexion looking bright. Wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and again before you head to bed. You never want oil and bacteria to sit on top of your pores while you sleep.

We always recommend you rinse your face off with warm water before washing it to open the pores. Opening the pores will allow oil and impurities to be more effectively washed away.

Once the pores have been opened, rub the men’s face wash all over your skin, while trying not to pull down on it.

What about the skin under the beard? While a men’s face wash can usually do the job, we recommend using a natural shampoo for men to wash your beard and the underlying skin. Never use soap on your face or beard, as it will severely dry it out, causing both to look dry and weathered. A natural men’s shampoo will cleanse thoroughly, while also not over drying. We recommend washing your beard only a few times a week.

Once you’ve finished washing your face, rinse it off with cool water to close the pores back up and pat dry. Your skin should feel clean, but not “squeaky clean”. Your skin needs a certain amount of oils to look healthy.

Before purchasing a face wash for men, make sure you know your skin type so you can buy the appropriate face wash for your skin. Not sure which men’s skin type you have? Read our men’s skin type article to help you learn yours.


2. Exfoliate

Scrubbing away dead skin cells and other impurities on your skin will not only make your skin look better, but will also soften your beard. You should exfoliate your skin 1 -3x a week, depending on your skin type. Dry/sensitive skin should be scrubbed less, while oily skin scrubbed more.

After washing your face, gently rub a quarter size amount of men’s face scrub all over your skin and beard. Focus on the forehead and nose region, while also making sure to really let the scrub get under your beard to reach the skin underneath.

If you plan on shaving around your beard, use a men's scrub first on the shave area to loosen up the hair for a cleaner shave.

After using the scrub, rinse with cool water to remove excess scrub left on the face and then pat dry.


3. Moisturize

Putting face moisturizer for men on your face twice a day will help keep it hydrated, looking fuller and healthier.

Apply the men’s face moisturizer all over your face after washing and scrubbing it. Make sure to cover your whole face. If you’re not using beard oil (you should be), make sure to rub a little face moisturizer into your beard to keep it hydrated and soft. Ideally, for your beard, you’ll use a natural & organic beard oil a few times a week, which also keeps the skin underneath the beard healthy.

Depending on your skin type, you may want to use a little more, or a little less moisturizer when applying.


4. Prevention

While the above steps put you in a great offensive position, you need a good defense to keep your skin looking great as well.

  1. The skin around the eyes is not only the most delicate; it’s also the quickest to start aging. Apply some eye cream for men every morning to reduce dark circles and puffiness, while using some at night to help prevent wrinkles while you sleep.
  2. We recommend taking your defense a step further and using an anti-aging cream for men each night all over your face, especially the forehead. An anti-wrinkle cream for men will help prevent new wrinkles from forming, while adding extra moisture into your skin, keeping it looking full and firm.
  3. Reduce your sun exposure and always use an SPF lotion if you’ll be in the sun longer than 30 minutes. SPF is made with a host of chemicals, so it’s best to wash it off as soon as you come in from the sun.
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