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Skin Care Routine for Men With Sensitive or Dry Skin

Skin care routine for men with sensitive or dry skin

If you’re a man with sensitive or dry skin, you’re probably well aware of the challenges you face in trying to find a men’s skin care routine that works. However, there’s no reason you can’t have one that gives amazing results. Below we’ll outline what you need to do to take care of your dry or sensitive skin.

Cleanse: The first step of any men’s skin care routine is cleansing the face. As you’re well aware, putting anything on your face, even if just for a few seconds can cause irritation. Make sure to use a natural face wash for men as they won’t contain any chemicals that will irritate the skin. If you can, opt for an unscented face wash as ingredients that scent a product can cause irritation to highly sensitive skin.

We suggest limiting washing your face to no more than two times a day. If possible, only wash it once a day as washing it will probably dry it out to some degree no matter the face wash you choose.

Exfoliating: We do not recommend a man with dry or sensitive skin uses a face scrub. The scrub particles will most likely irritate your face. If you absolutely feel it’s necessary to use a scrub, exfoliate with a natural men’s face scrub no more than once per week.

Moisturize: If your skin is dry or sensitive, you’ll want to keep it moisturized as much as possible. Moisturize in the morning, mid day and before you go to bed. Make sure you use a natural face moisturizer for men as you don’t want irritating chemicals sitting on your face all day or all night. Use an unscented men’s facial lotion as ingredients that scent a product can cause irritation to highly sensitive skin.

Anti- Aging: Unfortunately, skin that is more dry and sensitive tends to age much quicker than oily skin. The reason is oily skin keeps the skin hydrated and conditioned better, thus wrinkles don’t develop as easily. This means you’ll need to keep up a solid men’s anti aging routine. Sticking to the basics by using an anti aging cream for men every night, in addition to an eye cream for men will help prevent your skin from aging faster than it should.

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