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How to Get Rid of Age Spots for Men

Man with age spots

Men’s age spots, sometimes called liver spots, are small black or brown spots that appear on the skin as you get older. They usually start showing up around the age of 40, but can develop earlier in some men.

While age spots are harmless, they are generally considered undesirable since they stand out as a marker of getting older. Fortunately, their appearance can be slowed and in some cases reversed.

Here you'll learn what causes age spots on the face and how to get rid of age spots if you're already seeing them.


Solar Lentigo: What Are Age Spots?

Age spots, also known as solar lentigo, are small black or brown spots on skin. These dark spots on the face tend to first appear in places heavily exposed to the sun.

To alleviate some concerns - age spots on the face, backs of hands, shoulders, and forearms are quite common and are not a cause for alarm. But they do make you appear older, so many guys decide to take action to get rid of age spots.


What Causes Liver Spots in Men?

Age spots are usually caused by many years of UV exposure from the sun or tanning booths. This exposure accelerates the production of melanin, the substance in the body responsible for skin pigmentation. The resulting excess of melanin alters your complexion, making the skin darker.

This can occur temporarily all over an effected area, like in the case of the skin turning red due to a sunburn. But it can also be more localized, with small patches of skin permanently changing in tone.

A tan (or a change in skin color) is your body’s way of protecting deeper skin tissue from being exposed to and damaged by UV rays. So a tan is not your body’s healthy glow - it’s your skin’s way of protecting itself from UV damage.

Liver spots on the face form when high levels of melanin are concentrated in one area of the skin. While people of any skin color can develop age spots, men with a fairer complexion have the highest probability of getting them. 


Liver Spots and Aging

One day in the sun isn’t going to lead to the sudden appearance of age spots. The issue is the long term accumulation of UV damage, which speeds up your skin’s natural production of melanin. Over the course of many years, small clumps of skin cells that have been affected by UV radiation will eventually form the dark areas we call age spots. 

While developing liver spots (or age spots) is a natural part of getting older, you can slow down and prevent the process by limiting your UV exposure. One of the best ways to do this is always wearing sunscreen whenever you’ll be out in the sun. The earlier you start making this a habit, the better you’ll be able to reduce your age spots.


Are Liver Spots Dangerous?

Age spots are not cancerous and generally are not a reason to visit your physician. While skin cancer is a serious medical issue that you should check yourself for regularly, you shouldn’t assume that any new marking on your skin is cancerous. If you are concerned about a change in your skin, visit your dermatologist. They can help assess what’s going on and plan treatment if necessary. 

Age spots are also called liver spots or solar lentigo. Another common skin growth associated with getting older is seborrheic keratosis - which are raised patches of waxy or scaly skin that appear brown or black. In any case, none of these spots, growths, or lesions are related to cancer. 


Risk Factors for Age Spots

Although age spots are quite common, not everyone develops them at the same rate. Some men get age spots much earlier than others or have far more age spots than most of their peers. Some common risk factors for having brown spots on skin include:

  • Being fair skinned - People with lighter skin tend to develop more age spots and get them earlier than people with darker skin.
  • Being over 40 - The accumulated years of sun exposure make it much more likely that liver spots will form on your skin.
  • Frequent sun exposure - The more time you spend outdoors with your skin unprotected from the sun’s UV rays, the more likely you are to develop age spots.
  • Frequent tanning bed use - Tanning beds expose your skin to UV light which stimulates the overproduction of melanin and leads to age spots.


What's the Difference Between Melanoma Liver Spots and Age Spots?

Beware of a common confusion - melanoma and age spots are not the same thing. While you may hear the term melanoma liver spots, it’s a misnomer. Liver spots and melanoma - which is an especially dangerous form of skin cancer - are not the same thing.

Age spots - also called liver spots or solar lentigo - are small, flat, brown spots caused by the overproduction of melanin resulting from UV exposure. They are not cancerous.

Melanoma is a serious type of skin cancer that grows both on normal skin and within moles. It develops within melanocytes (the melanin-producing skin cells in the upper layer of your skin) and can have shifting borders that are either flat or raised off the skin. There are several forms of melanoma and it can look different depending on where and how it appears. 


How to Prevent Age Spots

The best way to get rid of age spots is to prevent them from ever forming in the first place. Since UV damage is the main culprit behind these dark spots, you need to use an SPF product regularly to prevent them.

Consistent use of a daily SPF moisturizer is the best way to slow the development of solar lentigo or to keep these spots under control once they begin to appear.


Daily SPF

Applying an SPF product every day - even on cool or cloudy days - will keep your skin looking its best for years to come. Just be sure you're using a product that protects your skin without exposing it to potentially hazardous chemicals.

Our Element Defense Moisturizer with SPF 45 and Daily Defense Face Moisturizer with SPF 20 are both made with zinc oxide to ensure broad spectrum UV protection that's safe for your skin and overall health.


Element Defense Moisturizer with SPF 45

Our Element Defense Moisturizer with SPF 45 is safe to use anywhere you're exposed to the sun. Remember, age spots can form on any part of your skin, not just on your face. Using a men's moisturizer with SPF is a great way to keep liver spots at bay.


Daily Defense Face Moisturizer with SPF 20

Our Daily Defense Face Moisturizer with SPF 20 is the best age spot removal for face because it nourishes and hydrates your skin while also protecting it from sun damage and thus slows the development of liver spots. Use it each morning after washing your face for the best results.


How to Get Rid of Age Spots with Natural Products

A natural age spot remover could be the key to getting rid of liver spots. We recommend this three step routine (in addition to the above mentioned SPF products) to keep your skin healthy, youthful, and age-spot free for as long as possible.

While no product can 100% prevent the formation of age spots, one with effective natural and organic ingredients will have the most positive effect on your skin. And that’s what you’ll find in all of our products’ formulas - safe, natural, proven-effective ingredients that you can use on your skin without having to worry about harmful side effects.


Anti-Aging Face Serum

Our Repairing Night Serum absorbs quickly down into your skin's deepest layers. There, it stimulates collagen production and slows cell maturation. This leads to healthier, younger skin. For the best results, allow our men's face serum to dry completely before using the other products in your anti-aging regimen.


Anti-Aging Dark Spot Remover Cream

Our anti aging cream includes methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), green tea, and vitamin E. MSM is a well known nutrient found in super foods such as spinach and kale that assists in reducing age spots on face when applied consistently over a period of months. Vitamin E and green tea are rich in antioxidants that contribute to the reduction of free radicals that contribute to age spots. All three are found in the best age spot cream, our Revitalizing Anti-Aging Cream.


Anti-Aging Dark Spot Remover Eye Cream

The skin beneath and around your eyes is especially thin and sensitive. That's why many men notice age spots here first. When figuring out how to remove age spots from the face and to prevent their development - and to keep eye wrinkles at bay - use our Restoring Eye Cream daily. It's made with MSM, hyaluronic acid, and protein peptides.


Be Patient When Treating Age Spots

Once you’ve started using anti-aging products to get rid of your age spots or liver spots, it may take a few months to start seeing results. Don’t lose hope! Those spots have slowly shown up on your skin over the course of many years. So of course it will take a bit of time to remove and reduce them.

While stronger and more invasive treatments to get rid of age spots also exist, they are more expensive and more likely to result in irritation. Consistent use of anti-aging serums and creams can bring results - just stick with it.


How Dermatologists Remove Age Spots on Face

Dermatologists are skilled skin experts who have additional ways to remove solar lentigo marks. While the procedures they use are effective, these aren’t for everyone. They tend to be more extreme treatments that can be invasive and, as a result, carry higher risk of unpleasant side effects. Most guys don’t feel the need to treat their age spots with these methods, but they are available to you if you deem it necessary. 


Laser Treatment

Laser for brown spots treatments are safe, simple, fast, and generally effective, but are not without their negative side effects. For example, the focused heat and energy used to get rid of discoloration can sometimes have the opposite effect and make the pigmentation even more prominent. Other possible side effects include:

  • Skin crusting
  • Temporary skin darkening
  • Infection
  • Acne breakouts
  • Scarring


Fraxel Laser

Fraxel laser is an FDA approved laser for brown spots treatment that can remove sunspots on skin. It resurfaces the treatment area using wavelengths that stimulate the skin to produce new collagen. It causes micro-injuries that jumpstart the body’s natural healing response.

Two different wavelengths are used depending on the patient’s goals. The 1927 wavelength is best to treat age related sunspots on skin. The 1550 wavelength smooths skin texture, targeting acne scars and wrinkles. 

While Fraxel laser treatments are highly effective, that comes at a substantial cost. Depending on a variety of factors, this could cost you $1,500 - $2,000 per session. Most patients need at least one treatment every 12 months to maintain the results - though you may need touchups in-between. 

Some of the potential side effects of Fraxel laser treatments are:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Whitehead breakouts


Alex TriVantage

This laser treatment is excellent for removing pigmentation issues and tattoos. It emits a wavelength of light that is absorbed by the melanin-rich areas of the skin. That’s the reason it’s so effective at eliminating hyperpigmentation. Most people see significant results after 1-2 sessions of these painless procedures. Still, when deciding how to get rid of age spots on face and considering Alex TriVantage, remember that the results are not guaranteed. Some of the side effects people experience are:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Hypopigmentation 
  • Scarring


Freezing (Cryotherapy) 

Freezing off liver spots with extremely cold nitrogen solutions was once normal but is no longer the most common removal method. Side effects of cryotherapy are:

  • Skin irritation
  • Pain
  • Blistering
  • Swelling
  • Scarring
  • Darkening of age spots
  • Skin lightening around the treated area



This is another method to get rid of age spots on face. After dermabrasion, your skin may take up to 3 months to heal completely. In the meantime, you may experience these side effects:

  • Temporary redness
  • Scabbing
  • Enlarged pores
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Acne



This involves using a device to spray aluminum oxide or sodium bicarbonate crystals onto the skin to get rid of age spots. Then, a vacuum device removes dead skin cells. That stimulates cell turnover and gets rid of the dull outer layer of dead skin. But it’s far less effective at removing age spots than laser or chemical peel treatments. Some of the common side effects of microdermabrasion are:

  • Sensitivity to sunlight
  • Burning
  • Stinging
  • Swelling


Opt for Safe, Natural Methods

You can use our natural age spot removal treatments instead of choosing these more extreme and painful procedures. Going under a needle or laser isn’t necessary. Instead, build a personalized skincare routine that addresses your age spots - and gives you a well deserved opportunity to pamper your skin.


Common Home Remedies for Age Spots

Instead of opting for tested and reliable ways to get rid of age spots on face, some guys prefer to try a variety of home remedies. Our anti-aging products use natural age spot remover ingredients that have been studied, tested, and proven effective. And you don’t have to take our word for it - that’s what customer reviews are for. 

You may have heard of some of these at home remedies or maybe even tried some yourself. We can’t recommend them and some could even be potentially harmful and irritating to your skin, as you’ll learn below.


Lemon Juice and Yogurt

When used together, they form a bleaching agent that could lighten sunspots on skin. There’s also plenty of antioxidants and citric acid in these ingredients - but there’s not evidence that it all adds up to reduced hyperpigmentation.


Castor Oil

Castor oil is a vegetable oil that some people apply to their skin (often leaving it there for hours at a time) in the hopes of removing or reducing age spots. While natural oils are important for your skin, whether or not this specific oil can remove age spots is another question.


Onion and Apple Cider Vinegar

Some people swear by a blend of strained onion juice and apple cider vinegar as how to remove age spots from face. Others just use the liquid from a strained onion. If you choose to try it, keep in mind that these highly acidic liquids could irritate your skin, especially if it tends to be sensitive. 


Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe is one of the main ingredients in almost all of our natural skincare products. It’s packed full of skin nourishing vitamins and age fighting antioxidants. That’s why some folks use it for liver spots on black skin, directly applying the gel on the skin.



Papaya contains skin exfoliating enzymes, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Whether or not those components add up to how to remove age spots on face is not clear. If you want to try this method, rub the pulp directly on your age spots and then wash it off after about 20 minutes.


Buttermilk and Tomato

The acids in both buttermilk and tomato may be able to help reduce the appearance of age spots on the skin. Some people use the combination as a cleanser as well.


Horseradish and Milk

There are many antioxidants and volatile compounds in horseradish and milk. That’s why people in search of how to get rid of age spots mix and apply them to the skin for 20-30 minutes. 


Olive Oil and Vinegar

While you might associate this combo with salads instead of how to get rid of age spots, there are people who claim it works for their skin. If you try it, don’t leave it on your skin for any longer than 30 minutes - doing so could easily result in severe irritation. 



Rubbing watermelon rind directly onto age spots delivers vitamin C and antioxidants. It’s possible that this could also contribute to reducing or removing age spots.



Garlic is touted as a treatment for lots of different conditions - so it’s not too surprising that it frequently appears in lists of how to get rid of age spots. People form a garlic paste, then apply it directly to their skin in areas of hyperpigmentation. Again, this can be irritating, so be aware of that if you attempt it.


Cucumber Juice

This could be an aging dark spot remover since the juice has bleaching properties. Cucumber is found in some of our skincare products due to its benefits for the skin - but try it for age spots at your own risk.


Radish, Vinegar, Lime Juice, and Rosemary Oil

This rather elaborate solar lentigo removal potion is highly acidic - and has quite the smell thanks to its aromatic ingredients. Proponents claim it brightens the skin.



Fans of this age removal home remedy consume dandelion daily to resolve a variety of skin issues, including age spots.


Rose Water and Sandal Powder

This method involves making a paste of rose water and sandal powder, applying it to liver spots, leaving it there for several minutes, and then washing it off. While the smell of rose water can be quite pleasant, its age spot removal effects are yet to be confirmed. 



It’s claimed that the vitamins and minerals in potatoes can boost collagen production in your skin. If you want to find out for yourself (though we don’t recommend it), cut a potato into thin slices, splash on some water, and then apply it to your age spots for 10 minutes or so. Fans of this home remedy often claim it is more effective when done at night.


Why Choose Brickell Men’s Products to Get Rid of Age Spots

Clearly, men have tried myriad methods to eliminate their age spots. That speaks to the strong desire most people have to slow the aging process and maintain their youthful appearance. And it’s why we continue researching and developing the best anti-aging products for men. If you still haven’t tried our products, the best way to get started is our free Best Sellers Sample Kit.


Natural Ingredients for Treating Liver Spots

When it comes to how to get rid of age spots - and how to treat your skin in general - natural and organic ingredients are best. That’s what we use in all of our products - and it’s part of why guys around the world trust us with their skin. Some of the age fighting natural ingredients you’ll find in our products include:

  • MSM
  • DMAE
  • Protein peptides
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Vitamin C
  • Aloe vera
  • Borage oil
  • Plant stem cells


Designed for Men’s Skin

Our products are designed to treat the unique needs of men’s skin. That means that we’ve got the best options for guys who want to treat age spots on face, deepening wrinkles, puffy eye bags, and other common signs of aging. 


Expert Reviews

You don’t have to trust us - the experts have weighed in as well. We’re proud to be recommended and trusted by well respected skincare and grooming experts in addition to our thousands of customers around the world. If you want to experience the many benefits of natural and organic skincare - including younger looking skin and increased confidence - we’re here to support you. 

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