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Are These Bad Habits Causing Your Skin Breakouts?

Man applying acne treatment

Acne sucks. It’s embarrassing. It makes you feel like a high school kid all over again, stressed about your appearance and anxious about what others might be silently thinking of you.

Acne is the worst.

But it’s also totally normal for many guys. Men and women around the world have been struggling to treat their skin breakouts since at least ancient Egyptian times.

It should be easy to treat acne now, right? After all, experts have the combined experience of all those thousands of years of human history. Surely there’s an instant cure for all your skin woes, right?

Not so much. But it could be that many of your skin breakouts are being caused by your own bad habits. Yes, you may be to blame. If you’re committing any of these acne no-no’s, it’s time to quit.


Poor Hydration

Do you drink plenty of water every day? Notice the point is water - not liquids. If you’re downing sugary sodas, sweet coffee drinks, and foamy beers all day, your skin is going to suffer. That’s because not drinking enough water (and drinking too much alcohol and caffeine) contribute to dehydrated skin. Poorly hydrated skin looks bad and is at a higher risk of developing acne.

Fix this by switching over to drinking mostly water. Reduce the amount of sugary drinks you consume. And use the best face moisturizer for men to keep your skin hydrated.


Too Much Stress

Getting overly anxious about work deadlines? Can’t seem to calm down and enjoy your weekends? Too much stress contributes to acne breakouts. Your body’s stress reaction includes the release of hormones that increase oil production. The result is a higher risk for clogged pores and breakouts.

Chill out and fight stress with a regular fitness routine, a calming yoga practice, deep breathing exercises, a meditation habit, or other methods that work for you. To get rid of all that excess oil and prevent breakouts, use a face scrub for men a few times each week.


Not Enough Sleep

This may go hand in hand with too much stress. If you aren’t sleeping about 8 hours each night, your body cannot properly rejuvenate itself. That includes your skin.

Commit to an earlier bedtime - or a later wakeup time, if possible. Turn screens off an hour before bed. And implement the best anti-aging routine for men before bed. That way you’ll wake up looking and feeling refreshed.


Too Much Touching

Keep your dirty hands off your face! That may just be the best anti-acne advice you will ever get. If you’ve got a bad habit of constantly touching or rubbing your face, quit it ASAP. The day’s activities cover your hands with germs and bacteria that would love to get up in your pores and cause blemishes.

Wash your hands often. Carry hand sanitizer with you if you’ll be getting your hands dirty and know you won’t have a chance to wash them with soap and water. And learn to keep your hands away from your face.


Sweat Without a Shower

Guys, this is a big one. You get all sweaty - working out, playing ball, doing whatever - and then you don’t shower for hours. So all that sweat, oil, and grime just hang out on your face. No surprises here - that means your risk for developing acne goes way up.

Don’t skip the shower after a workout. Ever. If you’re in a rush at the gym, use an all in one wash for men or a natural body wash for men to clean up quick in the shower and get on with your day.

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