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Avoid This Irritating Ingredient for a Better Shave Experience

Avoid This Irritating Ingredient for a Better Shave Experience

What’s your current shave routine look like? Do you have a curated process for excellent men’s grooming? Or do you
just shave and go?
Most guys have lackluster skincare habits. Are you one of them?
You might not feel like you have time to make shaving a big event in the morning. You think you just need to clean up and head to the office - simple as that.

But there are good reasons to pay more attention to your men’s shaving routine. Why? Many popular skincare products actually irritate the skin. All because of one ingredient. It can worsen problems like redness, bumps, and ingrown hairs.

What can you do about it? Get smart about your skincare for men habits. Avoid this irritating ingredient so you can enjoy a better everyday shave experience.


Think your aftershave should tingle and sting? You’re buying into the same nonsense that men have heard since the early days of barbershops.
Alcohol was first introduced into aftershaves by barbers. They wanted to reduce the risk of disease among their clients. Since alcohol is antiseptic, it served to clean the instruments. This also prevented the growth of bacteria on their clients' faces.
With time, the tingling sensation of alcohol became associated with good men’s grooming. Many guys assume that an alcohol-based aftershave should be part of their daily routines.

Alcohol & Your Skin

Yes, alcohol is antiseptic and kills bacteria. But the antiseptic benefits of alcohol-based aftershaves are far out-shadowed by their negative effects.
Alcohol dries and tightens the skin. When you finish shaving and splash on an alcohol-based product, your skin reacts in one of two ways:
  • Drying out. Alcohol pulls the moisture out of your skin, leaving it dry. If you already have naturally dry skin, this will only make things worse. Extreme dryness can lead to flakiness and other skin problems.
  • Overproducing oil. Your skin needs to stay hydrated. That’s why your body produces its own oil - called sebum - to coat your skin. Strip all the moisture away, and your body may go into overdrive, producing excess oil. That leads to a shiny, oily finish and puts you at risk for developing unsightly blemishes.
Another point against alcohol for skincare - it can increase wrinkles with long term use. What you need is a skincare for men approach that hydrates and nourishes skin. Not one that fights against all your anti-aging goals.

Choose an Alcohol-Free Aftershave

The best choice is an alcohol-free aftershave. It should have strong moisturizing ingredients that hydrate your skin after a shave. They will protect you from common shave irritation - like razor bumps and redness.
alcohol free aftershave
Think you don’t have time for this step? Think again. It won’t even take an entire minute to apply a bit of aftershave. But the benefits are huge.
You’ll look and feel better - which can translate into personal and professional success. You’ll prevent wrinkles too - which you will be grateful to yourself for one day.

Repairing the Damage of Alcohol-Based Skin Products

Have you spent years splashing alcohol-ridden aftershaves all over your skin? Think it’s too late to make a change?
No way.
Switch to an alcohol-free aftershave. You will notice the difference immediately. And if you want to reverse the negative effects of years of alcohol-based products, it’s easy. Just start an anti-aging routine for men.
The most basic - yet critical - element of any anti-aging and wrinkle-fighting routine is face moisturizer for men. Stay hydrated everyday to help your skin stay healthy and youthful.
Alcohol is in many common skincare products. But that doesn’t mean you should follow along and splash it on. Make the smart choice - an alcohol-free aftershave.

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