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Dealing with Election Day Skincare Stress

Dealing with Election Day Skincare Stress

It’s Election Day in the United States. Will you be voting today? 

Whatever happens, it’s sure to be a stressful day. And night. And however many more days it takes to sort out the whole thing. You already know that stress is the bane of men’s grooming. So how can you handle skincare for men at a stressful time like this?


The easiest suggestion is also the hardest to follow. But you’ve got to find some time to relax amongst all the political nonsense. Stressed about the results? Take a few deep breaths, visualize tomorrow, and realize it will be alright. No matter what happens.

Seriously, learning to relax will help you have better skin. Stress releases hormones known to cause oily skin. And stress is bad in general. So take some time to breathe deep and relax everyday. Not just on Election Day.

Don’t Sweat the Results

Do you sweat a lot normally? Or does anxiety about the election results just make you extra sweaty? And then does that make you even more anxious? Only to make you even more sweaty?

Like politics, it’s a vicious cycle.

Being hot and sweaty - whether you’re in line to cast your ballot or outside working in the hot sun - is no good for your skin. Use face wash for men twice daily - in the morning and evening - to clean off all that sweat and dirt. If you don’t, your pores will easily get clogged. And that leads to all kinds of unsightly blemishes. 

Dry skin isn’t any good either. So regardless of your skin type, be sure to use face moisturizer for men at least once daily. Choose a quick absorbing formula so that your skin gets the hydration benefits without getting oily or slick.

Hide Those Dark Circles

Up all night anxiously awaiting the final results? These things can take quite a while. You may not get much sleep. You’re going to need a solid men’s skincare routine to use in the morning. Here’s the best recommendation:

Start - as always - with face wash for men. Then apply face moisturizer for men. This will make most of your face look amazing.

But the skin under your eyes is especially thin and sensitive. When you don’t get enough sleep, it can get puffy and dark. So use eye cream for men to improve circulation and reduce puffiness. 

Look Your Best - Victory or Defeat

No one can be certain how the election’s going to go. Whether you win or lose, you can use men’s grooming to look your very best. How?

After applying face wash for men and face moisturizer for men, add one more step to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other fine lines.

Use anti-aging cream for men. It contains powerful hydrating ingredients that will help even out your skin. You might get to bask in the glow of victory. You may have to force a smile despite defeat. Butb oth your enemies and allies will have to complement your amazing complexion. 

Four More Years of Great Skin

Follow a solid men’s grooming routine to look your best for years to come. Skip the low quality products found in most drug stores. They aren’t natural. Their ingredients can actually have a negative effect on your skin.

Instead, choose natural skincare for men products that enhance your appearance. Use face wash for men and face moisturizer for men everyday. With patience and persistence, you will see amazing results. And you’ll still be looking your best - even when the next election cycle finally rolls around. 

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