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Don’t Let the Airport Ruin Your Skin


Do you love to travel? Or are you just forced to do it for work? Regardless, smart travel requires a lot of organization. You should always include skincare for men in the travel planning process. 

Some guys blow this off. They’re more worried about their wardrobe than their skin. And sure, it’s important to pack versatile, travel-ready clothing. That’s especially true if you’re traveling for business or a special event.

But think about this: Would you travel for business and show up for an important meeting in a wrinkled suit, citing “travel” as an excuse? Or would you take your appearance seriously and find ways around the issue?

Guys, beware the airport and the airplane cabin. They’re out to ruin your skin. Prepare well. Fight back. You can arrive looking your best with these men’s grooming tips.



There are few places as hectic and stressful as an airport. Masses of people, all rushing to their destinations. Long lines. Endless lists of security requirements. And departure times slowly creeping closer. 

All that stress is terrible for your skin. Your cortisol levels go up. Your skin gets extra oily. You sweat. No good.

You need to calm your stress and care for your skin in the airport. Here’s how to do it:

  • Stay hydrated. Have water with you at all times and make sure you’re properly hydrated. You'll have to toss your water bottle at security. And yes, it’s too expensive in the airport. But get over it. Splurge on the water - you’ll look and feel much better.
  • Take a deep breath. When your stress level is getting critical in a TSA line, it’s time to take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes, inhale, hold for a few seconds, and exhale. Repeat several times and you’ll immediately start to feel better. Sure, the line is still there. But now you’re better prepared to deal with it.


Flight Times

Sometimes it’s impossible to find a convenient flight. You wind up settling for one that leaves too early or too late. But then you have to be at the airport one, two, or sometimes even three hours before the flight leaves. Suddenly you have a schedule nightmare.

That leads to late nights, early mornings, and bad skin. Don’t let a terrible flight schedule throw off your men’s grooming routine. Do your best to get plenty of sleep.

Always use face wash for men before you leave for the airport. And do yourself a favor - use face moisturizer for men too. You’ll feel better. Your skin will look better. And it will be that much easier to deal with being in an airport in the middle of the night. 


TSA Requirements

You may be a champion of skincare for men at home. Nothing keeps you from your men’s grooming routine. You use face wash for men every morning and night. You keep your skin hydrated with face moisturizer for men.

But then you travel. And those TSA requirements are a nightmare. So you don’t pack any of your men's grooming essentials. You just use the hotel’s shampoo. 

Big mistake.

Combining travel stress with garbage-quality complimentary grooming products will lead to skin problems. Instead, plan ahead by bringing travel size men’s grooming products that are TSA compliant. It’s a small investment in yourself that will make traveling easier and help you look your best. 


Jet Lag

Traveling is an amazing way to enjoy new experiences. See new places. Eat new foods. And, unfortunately, wake up in different time zones.

Jet lag does a number on the human body. Everything about you goes a little haywire for the first several hours after a long haul flight. Your skin is going to suffer, no doubt about it.

Prepare for the inevitable issues from jet lag with a good skincare for men routine. Use face wash for men and face moisturizer for men as you normally would at home. Step things up and bring along eye cream for men. It will diminish dark circles and eye puffiness - two classic signs of jet lag.


Dry Air

The airport might be comfortable. But then you get locked in a tiny metal tube full of people. And the air starts recirculating. The extremely low-humidity air. Almost instantly, your skin begins to dry out.

Dehydrated skin is dull and prone to wrinkles. Be sure to use face moisturizer for men before you board your flight. It will lock in moisture while there’s still some to be had. While everyone else on the flight is drying out, your skin will stay comfortable and hydrated. 

The same goes for your entire body, not just your face. A little bit of hand cream for men can go a long way to having smooth, comfortable skin while in the air. Don’t forget lip balm for men too. Air travel is notorious for drying out your lips. 

This is especially critical on a long flight. Make sure you’ve got your men’s grooming essentials packed in your carry-on. A quick reapplication of body lotion for men can make all the difference. You'll arrive comfortable and looking your best instead of looking worn out and miserable. 


Great Men’s Grooming, Even While Traveling

Most guys don’t love the airport. It’s a stressful place you want to get in and out of fast. But that is not usually the way it goes. 

Improve your travel experience and look great while at your destination. Apply these men’s grooming tips. Don’t board without your travel size men’s grooming products. You’ll be less stressed, look better, and feel your best. 

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