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How Are Your Men's Skincare Resolutions Going?

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It’s been a month already since the start of the New Year. Time to look back and see how you’re coming along with your resolutions. And if you look back on 2016 and realized you needed to step up your men’s grooming, this is the time to tweak your approach (if necessary).

Don’t be overly critical on yourself. This is an opportunity for a little self-analysis and mirror gazing. Here are some of the best ways to check up on your New Year’s resolutions. Make sure your approach to men’s grooming has you on the road to success.


Is Your Routine Consistent?

Humans have been looking for a quick fix to their skincare problems for centuries. Guys - even the best skincare for men products require consistent, daily use for the best results.

For example, The Grooming Manual has emphasized before the importance of a daily men’s skincare routine. You need to use face wash for men to cleanse your face every morning and evening. And you should follow up with face moisturizer for men. It hydrates your skin and protects it from moisture loss.

But just having those products on your bathroom shelf isn’t going to improve your skin. You’ve got to use them. Daily.

Why is that so important? Consider what happens when you skip using face wash for men in the morning:

  • The oil and dead skin that collected on your face all night get to stay there.
  • As you go through your day’s routine, they mix with new oil, sweat, bacteria, and grime from your environment.
  • Basically, you create the perfect environment for blemishes and dull, tired skin.

What if you decide you don’t feel like putting on face moisturizer for men before bed? You save yourself about 1-2 minutes, max. But your skin is also at risk to become dehydrated during the night. That leads to the early onset of wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging.

A simple, effective skincare for men routine does not take much time. Follow it daily to enjoy the results of clean, healthy skin.


Bonus: Make It Even Easier

Want the easiest, fastest solution to skincare for men? Use an all in one wash for men. It's one simple formula for your hair, face, and body. 


Are You Seeing Results?

Been keeping up with your resolution to take better care of your skin this year? You should be beginning to see results after a few weeks. Remember, your results will be directly related to the effort you put into following your new routine.

Take one example: shaving. Here are some ways to gauge the results of your efforts and to improve your shave routine for men - if need be.

  • Comfort: Are you experiencing a more comfortable, less irritating shave? If not, make the change to a natural shave cream for men designed as a non-lathering lotion. This will better protect your skin from your razor. It keeps you safe from nicks, cuts, and razor burn.
  • Ingrown Hairs: Have you seen a significant reduction in the number of ingrown hairs? If not, upgrade your shave routine with face scrub for men. Brickell’s Renewing Face Scrub has been recommended by Men’s Journal. It’s an easy way to make your shave smoother and less irritating.
  • Post-Shave Experience: How does your skin feel after you shave? Tight and dry? Or relaxed and smooth? If your answer is the former, you need to stop using shave products that include alcohol and menthol. These two skin irritants are common in many drug store aftershaves. But they only dry out and irritate your skin, leading to redness discomfort. Choose a natural alcohol-free aftershave instead for less irritation and a better post-shave complexion.


Keep Up with Your Resolutions

Make this year one you look back on fondly. Be proud of the changes you’re making to your skincare for men routine.

How can you remain successful all year long? Look back on your efforts from time to time. Make adjustments to your routine to ensure you get the best results. You’ll look great - and everyone will notice your solid approach to men’s grooming.

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