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How Do Wrinkles Form and How Can You Prevent Them?

Man with wrinkles

Wrinkles are natural - they’re nothing to be ashamed about. But there’s a big difference between graceful aging and just looking old. And there are a lot of bad (and sadly common) lifestyle habits that lead to premature fine lines, wrinkles, and aging skin. 

Here’s what you need to know about wrinkles and how to stop some of these first signs of aging in their tracks. 


Where Do Wrinkles Come From?

Wrinkles form naturally come age. As you get older, your body slows down production of compounds that affect your skin's appearance, such as:

  • Collagen 
  • Squalene 
  • Hyaluronic acid 

This is an inescapable part of aging, and it’s why many anti-aging products for men contain these ingredients (more on that later). 

But the majority of these signs of aging are caused by unnatural and preventable sources. Luckily, you can stop and even reverse some of these concerns by applying the right products and ingredients. 


Wrinkle-Preventing Products that Work

Vitamin C 

It's the MVP of antioxidants! Vitamin C protects against free radical damage from smoke, sun, stress, and other environmental pollutants and stressors. What does this have to do with wrinkles? 

UV exposure causes an estimated 80% of visible signs of aging! This means that protecting against that one thing can prevent collagen loss, sallowness, and wrinkles.

Apply your vitamin C in the morning to protect against any stresses you’ll encounter throughout the day. You can add this powerful ingredient to your normal skincare regimen with our Vitamin C Booster. Just a few drops will enhance the benefits of your moisturizer or anti-aging cream.

Or, choose a product that already leverages vitamin C in its formula, like our Resurfacing Anti-Aging Cream. It's also made with MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) and borage oil to firm, brighten, and tighten your skin throughout the day.


    Hyaluronic Acid 

    The next thing on your list for wrinkle-fighting and anti-aging? Hydration! And when it comes to hydration, hyaluronic acid is at the top of the list! This powerful humectant found naturally in the body can bind over 1,800 times its own weight in water! 

    Since it's naturally found in human skin it won’t clog pores or sit heavily on the skin's surface like some other oils and moisturizing ingredients. 

    You can add an extra punch of this anti-aging ingredient to your skincare products with our Hyaluronic Acid Booster.

    Or choose our Daily Essential Face Moisturizer or Revitalizing Anti-Aging Cream - both deliver maximum hydration with the help of hyaluronic acid.



      Squalane is yet another compound naturally found in the skin - or at least a version of it is (squalene). Unlike hyaluronic acid, which binds to water, squalane is an oil that seals water into the skin, preventing trans-epidermal water loss. This restores your skin’s natural barrier, smooths wrinkles, and staves off irritation - all so you have healthier skin.

      Enjoy the benefits of this ingredient with our Restoring Eye Cream. Just a pea-sized application of this stimulating formula lightens dark circles, reduces puffiness, and tightens the sensitive, wrinkle-prone skin around your eyes.


      Collagen (Peptides) 

      Collagen is a protein that’s abundant in your skin when you're under 30, but that declines in abundance as you age. It works to regenerate the skin, helps with elastin synthesis, decreases inflammation, and improves hydration.

      Applying protein peptides topically fights signs of aging once your natural stores of collagen are starting to get depleted. Our Reviving Day Serum supports anti-aging with protein peptides. Use it in the morning before applying moisturizer for the best results. You can also add a shot of collagen to your skincare products with our Protein Peptide Booster.


      Vitamin E

      Vitamin E (or tocopherol) is an essential component of healthy skin. While it’s often overshadowed by trendy newcomer ingredients, this gentle antioxidant is great for all-around skincare. It defends the skin by neutralizing free radicals caused by pollution and other environmental stressors. This strengthens, tightens, and firms skin over time.

      Vitamin E is a main ingredient in several of our products - including our Element Defense Moisturizer with SPF 45, a broad spectrum zinc-based sunscreen that keeps your skin safe from UVA/B damage.


      Green Tea 

      Used topically, green tea has been shown to decrease inflammation, decrease sun damaged cells, and protect cells from UV damage. What’s more, the catechins and polyphenols in green tea fight free radical damage and protect against five major environmental toxins - pesticides, cigarette smoke, mycotoxin, polychlorinated biphenyls, and arsenic.

      Get its anti-aging and skin tone enhancing benefits when you use our Deep Moisture Body Lotion or our Smooth Finish Glycolic Acid Serum.

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