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How Minimalism Can Help You Reduce Stress

How Minimalism Can Help You Reduce Stress

How much clutter do you have piled around you? It’s probably everywhere - in your home and office. Things you don’t need. Things you’ve been putting off. Things you’re holding onto for no specific reason.

But clutter isn’t just physical objects. It’s also the time commitments you make. It’s the lack of time you have for yourself. And it’s all the financial obligations you allow to strangle out your ability to save and move ahead economically.

Many people look to minimalism to help reduce their stress and organize their lives. But what exactly is minimalism? You can find many different definitions, but this one from mnmlist is quite clear and concise:

How Minimalism Can Help You Reduce Stress

So the core concepts of minimalism are simplicity, appreciation for what you have, and and a lack of clutter. Sounds pretty good, right?

But it’s harder than it might seem to reach these ideals. The consumer culture of the Western world focuses on collecting and consuming things. But this leads to constantly changing trends that can be exhausting - both mentally and financially.

Applying minimalist ideas means you focus on enjoying what you already have instead of worrying about having more. According to its proponents, this leads to satisfaction and positivity.

Sounds good! So how you can start applying these concepts? And what are the benefits?


The point isn’t to live with the bare minimum. Instead, you work hard to balance wants versus needs. Learning to identify the difference between them will help you become a more appreciative and balanced person.

The less complicated your life is, the less stressful it will be. For example, minimalism helps people build financial security by avoiding excessive purchases that lead to long term debt.

Learning to differentiate wants and needs leads to smart purchases. It also helps you see the value in saving. Instead of blowing money on non-necessities, you learn to appreciate the valuable things in your life and don’t feel the need to spend money just for the sake of spending it.


Minimalists are not trying to live an austere life of boredom and suffering. Their lack of possessions and desire to avoid hoarding is all about appreciating and enjoying life to the fullest.

The truth is, the less you have, the more you appreciate it. You only own things you truly like. You only spend your time doing things that you find pleasurable and valuable. You dedicate your professional life to projects and career paths that you find worthwhile. And on the way, you shed stress and other commitments that would weigh you down and lead to a cluttered lifestyle.

Less Clutter

Instead of amassing the currently popular items and gadgets only to replace them a year later, take the minimalist approach. Forget fads and focus on obtaining and enjoying the things you really need. Bonus points if you merge you wants and needs into the same purchases.

Too many people define themselves by their possessions. But it’s not the things you own that make you who you are. Minimalism encourages you to focus on yourself, your personality, and what’s really important to you. That kind of introspection can be challenging, but leads to long term benefits.

One of the hardest parts of living the minimalism lifestyle is learning to say “no.” But this is one of the major tenets of the philosophy. If you’re a people pleaser, this is going to be a challenge. But the benefits will come. You’ll take better care of yourself and reduce your stress by acknowledging that “yes” is not always a possibility. And your schedule becomes far less cluttered.

Making Small Changes

Of course, you don’t need to burn all your possessions tomorrow to start enjoying the benefits of minimalism. Try some of these tips for getting started in simple, easy ways.

You may be surprised how well minimalism already fits into your lifestyle. When it comes to skincare for men, a simple approach is best. That’s why Brickell offers daily skincare routines for men that are simple, straightforward, and focused on getting results.

Want to reduce stress and get more out of life? Find ways to simplify and embrace the benefits of minimalism.

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