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How to Choose Skincare Products that Actually Work

How to Choose Skincare Products that Actually Work

If you’re going to spend the extra time each day following a skincare routine, you want it to actually accomplish something. You’re not spending money on skincare products for nothing. Are you?

So many skincare manufacturers promise astounding results while also offering sub-par products packed with synthetic ingredients. It can be downright infuriating to navigate through all the skincare products for men on the market and decide what’s right for you.

Want to invest in skincare products for men that actually work? Here are some things to look for when comparing your options.

Beware Artificial Fillers and Scents

Take a hard look at the ingredients in the skincare products you choose. Do they really contain natural and organic ingredients? Or are they packed with artificial fillers?

The main issue here is that fillers either accomplish nothing - or worse, cause skin irritation and actually work against your skincare efforts. There’s a lot of potential harm to your skin wrapped up in the fragrances and scents in many products. That’s because companies don’t have to list the artificial fragrances they use. Many of them can cause allergic reactions, skin irritation, and dryness. So choose products scented naturally with essential oils - or just unscented.

Harsh Detergents

The best face wash for men should remove dirt and oil, not strip away all skin oil and moisture. Harsh detergents produce lots of foam, sure. But don’t confuse that for good skincare.

The best natural skincare products for men use gentle cleaners and natural bacteria-fighters - like olive oil, activated charcoal, coconut based cleaners, and geranium.

best face wash for men

Avoid Products that Contain Alcohol

Alcohol and menthol are two of the most skin-irritating ingredients around. And they’re found in far too many skincare products. Here’s why you should avoid them.

Alcohol dries out your skin, seeping out hydration and moisture. Take one of the most common examples of a product that shouldn’t contain alcohol but often does: aftershave. Once you’ve shaved your face, it needs moisture to prevent irritation. A soothing, hydrating aftershave will ensure that your skin stays looking its best.

But aftershave that contains alcohol does the opposite. It tightens the skin by over-drying it. Alcohol can cause redness and irritation, especially on your sensitive skin that was just shaved.

best natural aftershave

Anti-Aging Products Should Boost Collagen Production

Many new skincare brands promise amazing claims with their anti-aging products. But do the ingredients they use back those up? Sadly, not very often.

Want the best anti-aging products for men that actually deliver results? Look for ingredients that boost collagen production, like protein peptides. These stimulate collagen production and contribute to firmer, tighter skin with less sagging and wrinkling.

Another critical ingredient is hyaluronic acid. It’s a gel-like molecule that holds water - over 1,000 times its own weight. This powerful dose of hydration is what you want in an anti-aging product. It’s much more effective than filler ingredients like petroleum that coat the skin but don’t actually accomplish anything on the long term.

Effective anti aging products for men should also address sun damage, since it’s the #1 accelerator of the aging process. For example, a face serum for men with vitamin C helps to decrease the effect of UV rays on the skin and prevent future damage.


nighttime face serum for men

Use Your Skincare Products Correctly

Once you’ve compared products and chosen the best natural skincare products for men, stick to a regular routine. Be sure you’re using the products correctly too. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, otherwise you may to be blame for lackluster results. And be patient - don’t expect miraculous skincare results overnight. With the right products and a smart, consistent approach to skincare, you’ll look and feel your best.

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