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How to Get These 4 Popular Beard Styles

Man with beard talking on the phone

Beards are everywhere. They’ve gone from uncommon - on bikers, lumberjacks, and tweed-wearing professors - to the most ubiquitous style around.

Want to get a beard style that will impress? That’s easier said than done. Especially if you’re a guy who has patchy beard growth. Even so, there’s a killer style for any guy with any hair style, facial hair growth pattern, and personal preference. Here are 4 examples and how to get each style.


The Big, Full Beard

This is only an option for guys who can growth a full, thick beard. But if you fall into that category, go for it.

Pros: A long, full beard gives you an instantly masculine look. As long as you keep it reasonably trimmed and kept up, it will go well with most face shapes and complements most men’s hair styles.

Cons: This style requires both patience and maintenance. It will take a few months to really grow out your beard initially. And during those months, it can look a little iffy. Once you’re through the growth phase, you should visit your barber from time to time for upkeep. Random stray hairs, unbalanced growth, and beard-dandruff should all be avoided. You can use a natural shampoo for men to keep your facial hair clean. It’s also smart to use a natural and organic beard oil to keep it moisturized and smooth.


The Reversed Fade Beard

This goes great with a hairstyle that’s shorter on the sides and longer up top. Keep your sideburns the same length as your hair just above it. Then slowly fade thicker through your cheeks and down to your chin and neck.

Pros: Creates a very flattering visual effect with the fade going both up and down.

Cons: Requires a lot of maintenance. Make sure you trust your barber to get the fade right both above and below your sideburns. If you let the beard growth get out of control on your cheeks it can look like quite a mess.


The Scruffy Cheeks, Thick ‘Stache

What’s a guy to do when his beard comes in all patchy? No worries, just go for a different style that still flatters your face and features. Leave your facial hair short everywhere except your mustache. Let that grow in thick but keep the rest short - with just a 1-2 week growth.

Pros: Flattering on guys with patchy beards.

Cons: Keep your beard trimmed pretty short so that the patchy parts don’t start to stand out too much. You want your mustache thick, but not so much that you get the complete walrus look.


The Disconnected Beard/Mustache

Also for guys with patchy facial hair growth, this disconnected style can be very flattering. Grow out your beard along your jaw line and chin, but leave the space between your mustache and jaw between trimmed down and totally shaved.

Pros: Easy to maintain and looks good if you have patchy cheek growth.

Cons: Not flattering on all guys - you have to have the style to pull off this more modern look.


Regardless of Style, Take Care of Your Beard

A good skincare routine for men and the proper grooming products will ensure you look great no matter which beard style you go with. Just like you use face moisturizer for men to care for your skin, use a natural beard oil to hydrate, shine, and soften your whiskers. Just a few drops applied daily will make a big difference.

When you do need to shave or trim up your beard, start with face scrub for men. Exfoliating your skin pre-shave prevents irritation and makes everything smoother. Then use a natural shave cream for men and follow up with alcohol free aftershave.

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