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How to Handle Men's Grooming in Your 30's

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You're not a kid anymore. And it's already starting to show. When you turn 30, it can be tough. Aging can be a good thing. It brings life experience and knowledge. But it also brings the telltale signs of aging across your face. Fine lines and wrinkles. Crows feet. Droopy, puffy eyes shadowed by dark circles. 

At the same time, your 30's can be an extremely successful and exciting time. Use these men's grooming tips during your 30's and you'll always look your best. 

Editor's note: This is the second in a series of posts on men's grooming for every decade or life. Read about skincare for men in your 20's here. 


Keep Up Your Routine 

This is no time to slack. Don't give up on the basic men's grooming routine you started in your 20’s. Everything still applies. Keep using face wash for men and face moisturizer for men twice daily

You turned 30 - it's kind of a big deal. Feeling the need to mix things up? Want to reinvent yourself with a beard? Go for it. Just don't let your reinvention turn into a backslide. Look your best by using beard oil. It will soften and shine your bristles. Your special someone will definitely appreciate it. 

One part of your 20's routine needs to get emphasized again. Sun screen is more important than ever.  Use it every time you will be out in the sun for 30 minutes or longer. 


Hair Care Matters

Nobody likes to talk about it. But a lot or guys start losing their hair in their 30s. That's why this is a critical moment for men's grooming. You need a solid hair care routine for men

Take care of your hair and scalp. Ditch chemical-ridden drug store shampoos. Upgrade to natural shampoo for men. Choose a formula with nourishing vitamins that will help you grow thicker, healthier hair. For most guys, washing every other day is ideal. 

Shampoo shouldn't be the end of your hair care routine for men. You want the best results, right? Use natural hair conditioner for men. It hydrates your scalp, promoting healthy hair growth. Choose a conditioner with hydrating ingredients. They will prevent flakiness and dandruff - two deal breakers in all areas of life. 

You're a grown man. Bed head is over. It's time to keep things a bit neater. Use wax pomade for men. It will save you from the greasy or crunchy looks of gels and other products. A flexible hold is best for most hairstyles. 


Shave Smarter

You know that the way you look influences your business success. You can’t get ahead if you look a mess. One aspect of men’s grooming where many guys go wrong is shaving. They don’t realize how ingrown hairs, redness, and skin irritation detract from their overall look. 

By the time you turn 30, it’s time to shave smarter. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Use a safety razor. A great razor makes all the difference. Disposable cartridge razors tend to collect bacteria and debris. And most guys use them much longer than they’re good for. If you use disposable razors, you should be replacing them at least once a week.
  2. Use non-foaming shave lotion. Foaming shave creams throw off your skin’s pH balance.  And they do not protect your skin from irritation. Switch to a natural shave cream for men with ingredients that nourish and heal your skin. 
  3. Use aftershave. An essential upgrade from your younger days of quick, mindless shaving. Complete your grown-up shave routine for men with a natural aftershave. Choose a lotion that is alcohol-free. That will prevent irritation and redness while soothing your skin after your shave.


Stave Off the Signs of Aging

Your 30's is when you really start to show your age. Fine lines form across your face. Crows feet spread from your eyes. And those dark circles beneath your eyes grow and stay put longer than they used to.

What can you do about it? 

It's time to start using anti-aging products for men. If you put it off for later, your face is going to really show it in your 40's and 50's.

You just need a simple anti-aging routine for men that includes eye cream for men and anti-aging cream for men. These will help boost collagen and significantly reduce the telltale signs of aging. 


Keep It Up - Your Men’s Grooming Routine

Enjoy every day of the transitional, successful decade of your 30’s. Make the most of this important time in your life by always looking your best. Don’t skimp out on your men’s grooming routine. Make skincare for men a priority now and you’ll continue to see the benefits for years to come. 

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