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How to Help Your Friend Who's Clueless About Men’s Grooming

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What made you finally step up and take men’s grooming seriously? Most guys didn’t grow up learning the ins and outs of skincare for men from their parents. Maybe your dad taught you to shave. But beyond that, the majority of guys just figure things out on their own. 

It doesn’t always go well. Add to that the fact that most drug stores are full of junk products. They’re packed with synthetic chemicals that do more harm than good for your skin.

Your typical guy just grabs some soap and shampoo, shaves with whatever, and that’s about it. That’s also why his skin is dry and tight. It’s why his neck is covered in itchy red bumps. 

And it’s why you need to help him out. 

Do you have a friend who needs some help with men’s grooming? It can be a tough topic to broach. Guys don’t usually like to talk about their skincare habits. But he will appreciate the results. Here’s how to do it.


Start a Conversation

Don’t call out your buddy’s sub par grooming habits in front of others. That sucks and it’s just not cool. Instead, find the right moment to start a conversation. It should be a relaxing conversation, not a sudden barrage of men’s grooming corrections.

Another detail: Do this in person. True, texting is all the rage. Research shows that 75% of Millennials prefer texting to talking. But this is one time when it’s important. Have a face to face conversation. It shows respect and will make things less uncomfortable.


Don’t Accuse

These conversations can be helpful. You want to help out your friend. And you need him to listen. So don’t accuse. That will instantly close the conversation and make things much more awkward.

Instead, just be direct and upfront. Start with something easy that most guys are not afraid to talk about: shaving.

Explain how much natural shave cream for men has helped you. Give them the reasons: you don’t suffer from irritation, your ingrown hair count is zero, etc. Make it about you and the benefits of the best men’s grooming products.

Take the attention off of his grooming blunders and he’ll feel more at ease.



Don’t leave the poor guy out in the lurch. Share some of your favorite men’s grooming products with him. Again, shave cream for men is the best place to start.



Not every guy is used to the idea of using face wash for men or face moisturizer for men. But shave cream is so ubiquitous that it won’t be intimidating or awkward.

Gift him a travel size shave cream for men. The point is that you don’t want to tell him he needs to change his shave routine and then leave him empty handed.


Follow Up

You hooked your friend up with a great new shaving experience. A few days have gone by. He hasn’t said anything. What do you do?

Follow up. Ask him how he liked it. What does he think? Chances are he’s going to be totally won over by the experience of a non-lathering shave cream for men.

But what if he hasn’t used it? Or thinks he doesn't need it? No worries. The point is that now you have a dialogue going. Maybe shaving isn’t his biggest problem. Regardless, you can now address other worries. Like his extra shiny, oil laden skin. Or his gross, cracked hands.


Be a Good Friend

Help your buddy with bad skin out. Share what you’ve learned about men’s grooming.

Get him started with a men’s grooming sample kit. Or a shave cream for men that will totally change the way he feels about shaving. He’ll appreciate the gesture and you’ll be glad you helped out a friend. 

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