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How Not to Look Tired All the Time

Tired man resting head on table

Your alarm buzzes you awake. You stumble out of bed, amble towards the bathroom, and flip the switch.

Ugh… You catch a glimpse of your face in the mirror. And it’s not a pretty sight. Your skin is looking awful - tired, saggy, dull. Everything bad.

But that’s OK - you just got out of bed. With the right skincare routine you can be looking good as new before you leave the house. Right?

The trouble is that - well into the afternoon - some guys still look like they just rolled out of bed. Those tired eyes, that dull skin, and the generally worn out look won’t go away on their own. Use these 4 tips to keep your skin looking its best - not tired all the time.


Get More (and Better) Sleep

Tired skin… the obvious solution is to get more sleep. And this might be your main problem - many guys are so busy and stressed that there’s little time for beauty sleep.

But your skin needs it. During your body’s natural sleep cycle, your skin is rejuvenated. The less sleep you get, the harder it will be for your skin to stay healthy.

There’s more to sleep than just quantity. Are you getting quality sleep? Here are some things you can do to ensure your resting hours are as beneficial as possible:

  • Keep your bedroom cool. That makes it easier to fall - and stay - asleep.
  • Quiet rooms are best. You’ll get deeper, more restful sleep in a quiet room. If you live in a loud area and quiet just isn’t an option, consider getting a white noise machine or fan that cancels out the stressful sounds and replaces them with something more relaxing.
  • Limit lights. Light pollution is a common problem for guys who don’t get great sleep. Invest in blackout curtains to prevent outdoor lights from flooding in. Chargers and household appliances can emit a surprising amount of ambient light. Shut them off at night - or at the very least, cover them up.
  • Slowly wind down. The hour or so before you go to sleep is critical. Put screens down, dim the lighting in your home, and start to relax. That will help your mind get into a more restful, sleep-ready state and help you not look tired all the time.


Start the Day with Stretches

Some guys are early morning gym goers, hitting the weights before the sun's up. But you don't have to adopt that kind of schedule to look more alert at the start of your day. Some simple stretching will do. 

Some light stretching will get your blood flowing (critical to brightening your skin and reducing puffiness) and help you wake up. You won't be super flexible first thing in the morning, so don't try to get too intense here. Dynamic stretches are better for waking up than static holds - try some knee raises, lunges, arm circles, and other basic movements to get moving.


Hot (and Cold) Showers Work Wonders

Many guys rely on a hot shower to wake up each morning and not look so tired. It's a no brainer - the stimulating warmth of the shower is a great way to kickstart your otherwise exhausted self. If you really want an extra boost of awakening stimulation, turn the water cold for a minute!

You'll feel even more ready to take on the day - and look much less tired - if you clean up with our Invigorating Body Wash. Each of its unique scents is artificial fragrance-free. Instead, we developed uplifting aromas with essential oils. 


Bonus: Shave in the Shower

No matter what your facial hair situation is - from thick beard to clean shaven - trimming up your whiskers will help you look less tired all day long. A messy beard with undefined lines - or a heavy 5 o'clock shadow - will only add to your exhausted look.

If you're short on time in the morning - or just feel like being a little more efficient - the shower is the perfect time and place for a shave. The warm water makes shaving smoother and rinsing off the trimmings is a breeze. All you have to do is invest in a small shower mirror and you'll be ready to go.


Exfoliate Often

Tired, dull skin can also be caused by the over-accumulation of dead skin cells. Shedding skin cells is a natural, necessary process. The problem occurs when you have too many old cells covering up the new skin beneath. They can also clog pores and put you at risk for breakouts.

Reveal the bright, clear skin beneath that top layer of dead skin with our Renewing Face Scrub. Exfoliating with our scrub removes all the junk covering your skin and clogging your pores - including oily buildup, bacteria, dirt, and other debris.

For the best results, use face scrub every other day after washing your face (less often if you have dry or sensitive skin). Then follow with our Daily Essential Face Moisturizer.


Focus on Your Eyes

Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes and thought, “Wow, they look exhausted”? You don’t want to look that way.

If you had a long night - or just woke up feeling extra groggy - our Restoring Eye Cream can help. It's specifically designed for the sensitive skin under and around your eyes, with caffeine and hydrating ingredients to prevent and reduce dark circles, inflammation, and dryness.

For the best results, use our Restoring Eye Cream each evening before bed and again in the morning after washing and hydrating your face.


Leave Bedhead in Bed

The quintessential tired look isn't complete without bedhead. That messy, misshapen hairstyle declares to the world, “I'm totally exhausted.”

It only takes a few minutes to clean up your hair, style it smartly, and not look so tired all the time as a result. Whether you use one of our hair styling pomades or our super simple Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, a little styling product will go a long way to helping you fight the tired look.


Mask the Problem

One of the most powerful ways to enliven your skin is with a deep cleaning face mask. If you’ve never used one before, you’re in for a treat. A mask covers your face, dries, and pulls out everything that can dull your skin before being rinsed away.

Our Purifying Charcoal Face Mask is made with activated charcoal and kaolin clay - both of which are excellent at removing dirt, toxins, bacteria, and other gunk.

You only need to use a face mask once or twice a week. You’ll get a deep clean that also leaves your skin toned and refreshed. Always use face moisturizer after rinsing off your mask.


Tired or Not, Look Your Best

You can’t always get a great night’s sleep. And some days you just have to endure being tired. But your skin doesn’t have to suffer as a result. Use these tips to not look tired all the time - no matter what your schedule's been like.

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