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Men’s Skincare Routine for High Stress Days

Men’s Skincare Routine for High Stress Days

Which common situations cause you the most stress? Maybe it’s a high pressure meeting at work. A big sale that you need to make. Or a personal or family issue that you’re trying to resolve.

Every guy is dealing with stress - from big and small sources - everyday. But sometimes you know you’re in for a whopper of a day. One that’s going to sap you of your energy and leave you on edge.

On those high stress days, you need a skincare routine for men that will keep your skin looking great. You may have to put up with the stress internally, but on the outside you can keep a calm, cool look… if you follow these tips.

How Stress Affects Your Skin

Stressful situations stimulate the release cortisol, sometimes called the stress hormone. It helps your body go into flight or fight mode so that it can respond to a high pressure situation. In the right circumstances, this could save your life.

But in the wrong circumstances, high cortisol levels are bad for your health. If you live in a constant state of stress or anxiety, you can experience damaging inflammation throughout your body. That often leads to problems for your skin - dehydration, breakouts, redness, and the quickening of the aging process.

Instead of giving in to these negative effects, use this skincare routine for men to combat the impact stress has on your skin.

1 - Wash and Exfoliate

First things first, you need to clean the dirt and debris off your skin. Use a natural face wash for men to remove dirt, bacteria, and excess oil. Just splash some warm water on your face, apply the face wash, and remove it with a bit of cool water.

natural face wash for men

On high stress days (and 3 times a week, generally) follow up with face scrub for men. This exfoliates your face, removing the dead skin cells that accumulate and leave your skin looking dull. Apply it gently - the scrubbing particles will do their work, no need to grind it into your skin. Afterwards, rinse it away with cool water and enjoy a brighter complexion.

face scrub for men

2 - Stimulate and Hydrate

Now that your skin is clean and dead skin cells have been removed, you can focus on eliminating inflammation and dehydration. Use a face serum for men to stimulate collagen production and fight inflammation. This concentrated product works beneath your skin’s outer layer. It absorbs fast, nourishing and firming your skin below the surface.

face serum for men

Once that has dried, give your skin some much needed hydration. Dehydrated skin looks worn out, wrinkled, and faded. Apply face moisturizer for men to restore the natural radiance that comes from well-hydrated skin. Your skin will feel better all day.

face moisturizer for men

3 - Treat Your Eyes

When you’re feeling stressed, it’s hard to hide it from the world. That’s especially true when it comes to your eyes. They’re the window to the soul - which means they also deserve extra attention in your men’s skincare regimen.

Stressful situations combined with low-quality sleep lead to problems. The sensitive skin under your eyes reacts by becoming inflamed, leading to dark circles and puffy bags.

Relieve these conditions with the best eye cream for men. Apply it gently under and beside your eyes. It will smooth wrinkles and promote good circulation, reducing the appearance of crow’s feet, dark circles, and bags.

best eye cream for men

Your Skin Looks Great, Now Get Some Rest

If you follow this skincare routine for men on high stress days, you’ll look your best. But even a smart approach to skincare can’t eliminate your anxiety. So use these tips to make it through the day - but then make sure you get some much needed rest. You’ll wake up feeling better - and looking better too.


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