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Should You Use Face Moisturizer for Men?

Should You Use Face Moisturizer for Men?

It’s no secret - guys are slow to adopt good men’s grooming routines. Maybe it’s years of cultural denial of men’s skin issues. For some guys it’s ignorance - they’re not sure where to start. And for others it’s just plain laziness.

Not sure how to build your skincare for men regimen? Start with some of our most popular posts. You should be using a face wash for men that won’t throw off your skin’s pH or strip away natural oils.

That’s a great step one. Your next step should be to use a face moisturizer for men.

Unsure what a men's face moisturizer can do for you? Get the facts, learn how moisturizer works, and decide if you should start using it daily.

What’s in Face Moisturizer for Men

The ingredients in face moisturizer for men hydrate your skin. They prevent flaking and dryness by sealing in moisture. 

  • Aloe vera. To hydrate skin tissue.
  • Jojoba. To protect skin from water loss throughout the day.
  • Shea butter. To nourish the skin with vitamins and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Green tea. To supply the skin with antioxidants that fight the signs of aging.

Beware of moisturizers that contain alcohol. They will make your skin tingle, but they won’t hydrate it. Alcohol accomplishes the opposite - it leaves your skin dry and tight. So throw out any alcohol-based aftershaves too. They're no good for hydrating your skin.

Look for ingredients like aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. The best face moisturizer for men contains natural substances that have powerful hydrating properties.

What Are the Benefits?

Face Moisturizer for Men

Still not sure if you need to use face moisturizer for men? Think you’ve gotten by so far without it? Isn’t moisturizer for the ladies?

Time to educate yourself on skincare for men. Yes, men have thicker skin that appears younger than women of the same age. And yes, men’s skin doesn’t dry out as fast because guys produce more sebum than women.

Now consider your environment. Do you work outside? Wind, sun, and dirt are your skin’s natural enemies. They dry out your skin, clog your pores, and lead to all kinds of blemishes. Your skin cannot maintain healthy moisturize levels throughout the day on its own. That's where face moisturizer for men comes in. 

Now for some bad news about your thick, manly skin. It won’t last forever.

As you age, your skin becomes thinner. By your mid 30’s this becomes evident. Wrinkles form. Fine lines develop. And you begin to see why you should have been using moisturizer all along.

Keeping your skin hydrated slows down the aging process. If you moisturize daily, you will prevent the early formation of wrinkles. Your skin will stay flexible and youthful. That's instead of aging prematurely into a dry, cracked mess.

How to Use Face Moisturizer for Men

Good news, guys. It couldn’t be easier.

Start with face wash for men. Get your face nice and clean. This should be an everyday routine - morning and night.

Follow with face scrub for men one to three times weekly, depending on your skin type. Exfoliating your skin reveals the fresh, new layer beneath your old, dead skin cells.

Then apply face moisturizer for men. Just a little does it. If you have oily skin you only need to apply moisturizer once daily. Have an oily T-zone but dry cheeks? Focus on moisturizing the driest parts of your face to get the best results.

Care for Your Skin

Should you use face moisturizer for men? It all comes down to this:

Do you want healthy, youthful skin that resists the aging process?

Then yes, you should definitely use moisturizer. It’s easy to add to your current routine. You won’t even spend 5 minutes of your day hydrating your face. But the benefits will last for years to come. 

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