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Smart Haircare for Men During the Winter

Smart Haircare for Men During the Winter
Guys - what are your skincare for men concerns during the winter? Maybe they include:
  • Keeping your lips hydrated and smooth.
Excellent. The cold, dry air is bad news for your skin. It leads to dehydration, flakiness, and other unpleasantness.
But what about your hair? How does the cold weather affect haircare for men? What should you do to make sure the winter season doesn’t ravage your hair? Use these tips.
Editor’s Note: This is the third in a series of posts on taking care of your skin during the winter. Don’t miss these previous posts: How to Prevent Cracked Hands in Winter and How to Prevent Dry Lips in Winter.

What Happens to Your Hair During the Winter 

You already know that dry winter air leads to dehydration. The same goes for your scalp. The dry air can cause flakiness and dryness. That means you grow more brittle, breakable hairs during the cold months of the year. But what about your hair itself?
Research shows that you lose less hair in winter than any other time of the year. Melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone that supports healthy sleep, also regulates your hair growth cycle. And it promotes extra hair growth during the cold season.

Other Winter Factors

There are changes inside your body that affect haircare for men in the winter. But external factors contribute to hair problems too.
The biggest issue? Wearing tight caps and hats is bad for your hair. You can damage and uproot your hairs just by putting on and taking off your cap several times throughout the day.
It may seem like any hair loss caused by caps is minimal. But research shows that it can be serious and long term. Nurse’s in South Korea have suffered from “Nurse’s cap alopecia” - a form of hair loss. Researchers have found that this condition “appears to be a distinct clinical entity which should be distinguished from other forms of patchy alopecia.”
So why not trade in your constant cap use for an improved haircare for men routine? Here’s how to do it.

Winter Haircare Routine for Men

For starters, make sure you tailor your hair treatment methods to your personal needs. Don’t just run into the drugstore, buy whichever shampoo looks the best, and wash daily without giving it another thought. You deserve better. And so does your hair.
Instead, follow a smart haircare routine for men. Here are the details:

haircare routine for men

  • Wash. Use a natural shampoo for men that nourishes your hair and scalp. Choose one with gentle cleansers, not harsh chemicals that leave your scalp dry and itchy. Depending on your hair type, you may not need to wash your hair daily. Excessive washing can strip away natural oils and leave your hair weak and dry.
  • Style. Again, avoid strong chemicals in styling products that will weaken your hair and dry your scalp. The best choice is a natural pomade for men. Your styling product should make your hair look great all day, not leave it stiff and damaged.

Year-Round Haircare

Cold, windy winters are hard on your hair and skin. Look your best during the cold season - and all year round - with this easy haircare routine for men. Wash, condition, and style your hair with natural haircare products for men.


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