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The Holiday Survival Guide for Men’s Grooming

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The holidays. You spend time away from the rigors of everyday life with family and friends. You finally take some time to relax. You eat, you drink, you get merry. 

And - for most guys - you totally forget about men’s grooming.

Sure, it’s good to take a couple days off from the stress of your everyday routine. But ignoring your skincare for men routine will only make life more stressful. You don’t want to wake up Christmas morning with flaky skin. Or head out to a New Years party with blemishes that could have been avoided.

Want to look and feel great this holiday? Here’s your survival guide.



Holiday traveling can be nightmarish. Gridlocked traffic. Long airport security lines. Bad news.

If you’re flying, you need minimize your stress level in the airport. One easy way to do that is pack TSA approved travel sized skincare products.

If you don’t prepare, the airport may even ruin your skin. Use these tips to avoid the negative effects of dry air, elevated stress levels, and other airport problems. 


Facial Hair

Trim up that beard before you head out to your holiday party. You’ll be glad you did. Because out of control facial hair is a major men’s grooming no-no.

Use these tips to keep your beard - or mustache, or goatee, or whatever you’re rocking - looking its best. 

If you've got facial hair, beard oil is your friend. It keeps your bristles smooth and soft with a natural shine. Definitely apply before you hit the holiday party. 

If you're clean shaven, do yourself a favor and nail your shave routine. Start with face scrub for men to open your pores, remove dead skin, and get the closest shave possible. Use natural shave cream for men - not some foaming, skin-irritating cream. Follow up with the best natural aftershave to prevent redness and irritation.


Body Hair

Guys - like it or not, manscaping is here to stay. If you ignore your body hair, expect to get ignored by your special someone (or any potential special someone’s) this holiday. 

Don’t worry - The Grooming Manual’s got you covered. Follow these essential body grooming tips and you won’t scare anyone off. In fact, if you nail the subtle details of men’s grooming, you will be a step ahead of most guys out there. 

For example, do you groom your eyebrows? Should you? Not to worry - the answers are here.


Acne and Blemishes

If you’re going to make a good impression this holiday, the acne’s got to go. Prevent any avoidable flare ups with these tips.

Don’t skip your skincare for men routine just because you’re getting festive. It only takes about 5 minutes to use face wash for men and face moisturizer for men.

It won't take any longer Christmas morning. But it will go a long way to keeping you looking great all day long. 


Long Nights

The holidays are fun, but the nights can be long. And that takes its toll on your skin. Even the young guys wake up with puffy eyes and dark circles around the holidays.

So no matter your age, using anti-aging cream for men and eye cream for men is a smart move. (GQ agrees.) This one-two punch reduces fine lines and wrinkles and promotes circulation to prevent eye puffiness and dark circles.

Sometimes, you’ve just had a long night. And you just need to cover up your hangover the best you can. If it’s been that kind of a holiday - here are the tips you need. 


Enjoy the Holiday

You’re armed with all the essential men’s grooming knowledge you need. Now get out there and enjoy the holiday with family and friends!

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