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The Solution to Chronic Razor Bumps

The Solution to Chronic Razor Bumps

Razor bumps suck. You try so hard to shave carefully, to prepare your skin right. But it seems like every morning, you leave the house with those terrible little red bumps all over your neck. What gives?

Sadly, most guys will have to deal with this during their lives. Shaving can be hard on your skin - especially if it’s sensitive or if you have tight, curly hairs that are prone to getting ingrown.

The worst part is that razor bumps can cause a lot of personal shame. You feel like everyone’s judging you - “Hey, look at this grown man who still doesn’t know how to shave.” The truth is that razor bumps happen from time to time. It’s impossible to never, ever experience them. But you can massively reduce your chance of developing these tiny nuisances with this smart shave routine.

The Razor Bump Free Routine

Heat things up. Start by soaking a clean washcloth in warm water, then rubbing it gently over your facial hair. This will make the hair softer and easier to slice through with your razor. Another option is to take a warm shower before you shave - it will accomplish the same goal.

Ease into it with shave oil. If you have sensitive skin and you struggle regularly with razor bumps, you need to add this step. Massage a few drops of natural shave oil onto the area you will shave before you get out your shave cream or razor. This creates a slick surface and protects your skin from damage and irritation. Using shave oil isn’t overkill - it’s a smart way to minimize your chance of getting ingrown hairs.

best natural shave oil

Massage on your shave cream. For the best results, use a natural shave cream for men that is non-lathering. The bubbles in lather don’t do much to protect your skin. Choose a cream that goes on like a lotion, coating your skin to defend it from any irritation. Massage it gently onto your skin, covering the entire shave area.

natural shave cream for men

Use the right razor. It should be sharp, and preferably single bladed. A safety razor is best, but it will take some getting used to at first. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed with those multi-bladed monstrosities. If you are sticking with a disposable or cartridge razor, make sure you’re not reusing the blade so long that it gets dull. That’s a sure way to get razor bumps.

Exfoliate after you shave. You’ve seen the recommendation to use face scrub for men before you shave many times on the Grooming Manual. And you should - it’s a great way to get rid of dead skin cells and stand up your facial hair. But try this if you can’t seem to get a handle on the razor bumps: use face scrub after you shave. It will will get rid of any dead skin cells that could block up your hair follicles and lead to razor bumps and ingrown hairs. This is especially important for men of color with tight, curly facial hair.

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Use an alcohol-free aftershave. Alcohol is no good for your razor bumps. It irritates your skin, dehydrates it, and can lead to worse shave irritation. Go for a natural, alcohol-free aftershave instead. Choose one with hydrating, soothing ingredients that won’t bother your sensitive skin post-shave.

natural alcohol free aftershave

Shave Smarter

This routine might seem like a bit much, but it’s not overkill. It’s just a smart way to prevent common shave irritation. Take a few extra minutes each time you shave to improve your routine and come away looking great. You’ll be able to face the day with greater confidence - and without all those dumb bumps and redness down your neck.

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