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Why Are Face Serums Important for Men?

 Why Are Face Serums Important for Men?

If you’re like a lot of guys out there, you keep things fairly simple when it comes to your skincare routine. Face wash, moisturizer, acne treatment (or maybe anti-aging treatment), done. 

And sure, there’s beauty in that simplicity. But that routine should definitely include a face serum for men, too. Here’s why. 


Face Serums 101 

Serums are light, easily absorbed skin care products that are most effective when applied after cleansing but before moisturizing.

Why? Unlike moisturizers, serums are highly concentrated and targeted. Their thinner consistency allows them to penetrate the skin better than more occlusive formulations. 

Plus, you can layer serums to address multiple concerns at the same time. But keep in mind that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. You’ll want to find the right active ingredients to address your particular concerns. 


Serum Ingredients to Look For 

To get the best results from your serum, make sure it contains natural ingredients that will nourish and enhance your skin without causing irritation.


For Environmental Protection: Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is an MVP antioxidant that actively fights free radical damage. It reduces signs of aging, repairs damaged skin, fades dark spots, and encourages collagen synthesis. 

If you want to address any of these concerns, a vitamin C serum for men is right for you.

  • Discoloration or sunspots caused by UV damage
  • Fine lines and wrinkles that are steadily deepening
  • Pollution and other environmental stressors that can lead to premature aging


For Dryness: Hyaluronic Acid 

Hyaluronic acid is a compound found naturally in your skin. It works as a humectant, drawing in moisture from its environment. And it’s capable of binding 1,800 times its own weight in water! Translation: mega moisture. 

The problem? As you age, the concentration of hyaluronic acid naturally found in your skin begins to drop, so you need to apply it topically with a hyaluronic acid serum for men.


For Anti-Aging: Peptides 

Noticing crow’s feet or deepening smile lines? Then it’s time to add peptides to your routine. 

Peptides are the smallest molecules that make up skin collagen in the skin. Collagen is the protein that’s responsible for young, plump, healthy-looking skin. The problem is that it starts to break down as you age. So it’s important to apply peptides topically to: 

  • Boost collagen
  • Improve skin hydration 
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Encourage elastin synthesis 

But there are many kinds of peptides, and they each have specific functions. Matrixyl 3000, a super-peptide blend found in the best eye cream for men, is designed to increase elasticity, smooth away fine lines, and replenish collagen levels in the skin. One study even found that it can double the amount of collagen produced by your cells.

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