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Why Your Nighttime Skincare Routine Matters

Why Your Nighttime Skincare Routine Matters

How do you get ready for bed? Some guys have a lengthy slowdown ritual at the end of the day - it might include watching TV, winding down while reading, or sipping some calming tea. Others are going non-stop, busy busy busy until the moment they rest their head.

In reality, you’re a combination of both. Some days you take your time and ease your way to sleep. Others, you’re rushing until you’re finally ready to lie down. Regardless, there’s one thing you should never skip - your nighttime skincare routine.

If you want to look your best everyday and start each morning with a confident attitude, skincare the night before is a must. 

Think you can skip it? Just want to crash into bed and not worry about your skin? 

It’s time to put that childish thinking behind you. Here are the top reasons your nighttime skincare routine matters - and deserves your attention.


It Helps Fight the Aging Process

Your nighttime skincare routine is critical to slowing down the onset of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and other common visible signs of the aging process. Your skincare products work together with your body’s natural cycles to restore, rejuvenate, and firm your skin.

We recommend a three step nighttime routine for guys who are focused on anti-aging goals. After washing your face, use these products to wake up with firm, smooth, radiant skin. 


1 - Nourish with Serum 

Serums are more concentrated than creams. They’re designed to absorb quickly and get down into the deepest layers of your skin. There, they promote collagen production to firm your skin, keep it smooth, and prevent the sagging that comes with age. 

Our Repairing Night Serum is made with plant stem cells, vitamin C, and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). It reduces inflammation, balances skin tone, clears up pigmentation irregularities, and keeps your skin smooth.


2 - Lock in Moisture with Anti-Aging Cream 

While serum penetrates deep into your skin, anti-aging cream draws in moisture to its outer layer and then seals it in. This is an important step before bed since you don’t want to go all night long with minimal hydration - especially if you have dry skin. 

Our Revitalizing Anti-Aging Cream is your best choice for nighttime skin hydration. Use it after your serum has dried to lock in moisture overnight. While it makes fine lines less visible almost immediately, its long term benefits are where it really shines.

With consistent use, our anti-aging cream dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other common signs of aging that guys worry about.


3 - Finish with Eye Cream

Some of the thinnest, most sensitive skin on your face is beneath and around your eyes. That’s why this area merits special attention. Your nighttime skincare routine should address your eyes with the goal of reducing puffiness, eye bags, dark circles, and fine lines.

You can accomplish all of that with our Restoring Eye Cream. Just a small amount applied under and around the eyes each night will make a significant difference. It smooths, brightens, and rejuvenates with caffeine, peptides, and hyaluronic acid.


It Helps You Start the Day with Confidence

You set the mood for tomorrow with tonight’s routine. Getting plenty of quality sleep is essential to waking up feeling well rested and ready to confront the day ahead. 

This also applies to your skincare routine. If your first glimpse of yourself in the mirror at the start of the day deflates your confidence, it’s going to be rough after that. You deserve to begin each day with the self esteem boost and assuredness of success that comes from knowing you’re doing all you can to look and feel your best.

When you prioritize your nighttime skincare routine - and especially the three step anti-aging routine described above - you set yourself up for daily success. With consistent application, you will see your wrinkles reduced and your dark circles lightened. 

Your appearance doesn’t define you and your self esteem is built from many sources. But there’s no denying that it feels great to look in the mirror at the start of the day and be proud of how you look. You know it’s because you put effort into your skincare routine each night.


One More Thing: Your Sheets and Pillowcases Are Gross

While we’re not trying to accuse you of living in filth, the truth is that there’s a lot of gross potentially hiding on your sheets and pillowcases. If you don’t change them often, it’s worse. 

Sweat, grime, bacteria, saliva, dead skin, oil, and other gunk collects on your pillowcases each night while you sleep. That can contribute to not so great skin, triggering blemishes and dulling your complexion. 

The main way to deal with this is washing your bed linens often. About once a week is right for most men - though there’s nothing wrong with doing it more often. 

To keep your pillowcase clean, be sure to let your skincare products dry completely before lying down. This ensures they stay on your skin and deliver the maximum benefits instead of transferring onto your linens. 


Prepare for a Great Tomorrow, Tonight 

Your skin will appreciate the extra TLC of your nighttime skincare routine. Be sure to nourish, hydrate, and restore your skin with anti-aging products. And be consistent - that’s the key to getting long term results. 

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