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How to Shave Your Back & Back Hair Removal for Men

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Doing a back hair removal by yourself can be more challenging than you think. While some men enlist the help of friends or significant others, most dudes are forced into figuring out back shaving on their own.

Whether you have help or not, learning how to get rid of back hair is essential towards making sure that the next person that sees you shirtless isn’t left horrified. While we can’t give you an extra arm to assist, we can give you the best back shaving tips to give you a cleaner, well groomed look heading into beach season.

Before You Start

Hop into a hot shower to clean and soften the skin and loosen the follicles for a supremely close shave. Wash the area completely with a natural soap for men to avoid irritations from generic soap. Follow up by using a natural men’s face scrub (yes, it can be used on the body too) to help further loosen the follicles and clear the pores of the back.

Make sure that the back and shoulders are clean, but most importantly, dry. The follicles of the back and shoulders are strong, so your trimmer will have enough trouble without the wetness.

Gentle Wash

Back of neck hair removal starts with cleaning the skin it grows from. We recommend using our Invigorating Body Wash and All in One Wash for a deep cleanse that removes everything from oil and sweat to dirt. This is important to prevent ingrown hairs and other infections. Once you’ve washed your neck, pat it dry with a clean towel.

Scrub & Exfoliate

While it may not be the first thing you think of when you hear the words 'men's back hair removal', exfoliating scrubs can also be helpful in keeping your shave smooth and clean. Crafted with mint and eucalyptus, Brickell's Soap Scrub Bar is the perfect tool for this job. Use it to create a thick lather before shaving.

The Best Back Hair Removal Methods


Here's how to shave your back:

  • Step 1: Trim it down

If there is a dense mess of hair back there, you will need to start with a facial or body hair trimmer to chop it down to size. Turn your back to a mirror, holding another mirror in the hand that isn’t holding the trimmer and start with slow and steady swipes in any direction that is comfortable.

  • Step 2: Shave with a razor

Set up similarly in front of the mirror. Liberally apply a natural shaving cream for men over the entire area and slowly move your razor over the skin for the best men's back hair removal.

  • Step 3: Rinse & soothe

When you are satisfied with the results, hop into the shower for a quick rinse to remove any excess shaving cream or leftover hair.

Smooth Brushless Shave Cream

Applying cream to your back will lubricate the skin while making hairs softer and easier to shave. Smooth Brushless Shave Cream is a natural option for those who want a product that feels as good as their final shave. It's just one of many men's back hair removal products Brickell offers, but an absolute must-have for any frequent shaver.

Instant Relief Men’s Aftershave

Apply our natural men’s aftershave to rehydrate and sterilize the area. A good practice to follow up with any hair removal from back, arms or legs is to prevent irritation, discomfort, and most importantly preventing back acne (bacne) before it starts.

Waxing or Using Liquid Hair Removers

If all this seems too complicated, some guys opt to try waxing or liquid hair removers in this area. Waxing will always provide the longest lasting results without question, but even the toughest of guys will admit that it can be painful. Depilatory products have long lasting results and are very easy to use, but we strongly suggest avoiding these products at all costs. On the worst end, users of these products have found it can cause chemical burns, but even with the best results we are a bit weary of the long term effects.

Application instructions (may vary by product):


  • Step 1: Start by heating the male back hair removal wax you'll be using. It's important to follow the directions on the label for this step, as every product is different.
  • Step 2: Next, apply the wax and the wax strip on top of the target area of your back.
  • Step 3: Now comes the hard part of back hair removal for men - rip that wax strip off.
  • Step 4: Finish by soothing your skin

Depilatory Creams

  • Step 1: Patch test the cream to ensure it's right for your skin.
  • Step 2: Apply the cream to the areas of your back that you'd like to treat and leave it on for whatever amount of time the label specifies.
  • Step 3: Remove the cream with a cloth and warm water.
  • Step 4: Nurture your skin with moisturizer or exfoliant.

Apply Soothing Cream Afterwards

All instances of back hair removal for men should finish with the application of some sort of soothing cream. Our Clearing Scar Cream is a great option, specifically formulated for the unique needs of men's skin - check it out!

Laser Hair Removal

Laser treatment is another option to consider in the market of back hair removal for men. It uses high-powered beams of light to selectively destroy hair follicles and prevent them from further functioning. In most cases, the results are permanent, meaning you don't have to shave anymore. But laser hair removal has drawbacks - it is expensive for one, but can also make the skin more sensitive to sunlight.

Protect Your Skin from UV

Whether you've received laser back hair removal or not, Brickell's Element Defense Moisturizer With SPF 45 will help keep your skin protected from damaging UV exposure. A broad-spectrum sunscreen like this is important to maintaining skin health long-term.

Common Challenges and How to Solve Them

With back hair removal, men often have questions. But don't worry - we're here to answer them and help you along the way. Get your hair removal back on track with this series of helpful tips and pieces of advice from Brickell:

Razor Burn

Razor burn is a type of irritation that occurs when razor blades are swept too close to the skin. It's a part of back hair removal men hate with a burning passion, but avoidable by lathering the back with thick cream before shaving and avoiding the use of dull razors.

Solution: Treat & Revitalize the Skin on Your Back

We've said it once, but we'll say it again: men's back hair removal should always end with after care. Brickell offers an advanced Deep Moisture Body Lotion that hydrates, protects, and tightens the skin with natural ingredients like shea butter, Vitamin E, and jojoba. Try it out for yourself today!

Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are an all-too-common byproduct of shaving. They occur when hair regrowth is misdirected into the skin itself, causing irritation and pain. We recommend changing your razor often to lessen the chances of this occurring.

If you want to put the job of men's back hair removal permanently behind you, consider looking into permanent back hair removal laser treatment. It’s expensive - but worth considering if you hate shaving.

Solution: Exfoliate Often

The most affordable and straightforward solution to ingrown hair from shaving is diligence. Take care to not shave too closely to your skin and exfoliate it regularly with a natural back hair removal aftercare product like our Polishing Body Scrub. It will help tissues establish healthy hair growth patterns.


Cuts and Nicks

Rushing with razor hair removal on a man's back is a surefire way to end up with nicks and cuts. No one likes those - especially not skin. Aim to take a slow approach to the entire process and use plenty of lubricant or shaving cream to ensure your skin doesn't get stuck on blades as they cut hair. You can also have someone shave your back area for you.

Solution: Apply a soothing treatment

Using our Acne Controlling Spot Treatment is another way to avoid the lasting damage of nicks and cuts. While not specifically branded for the removal of back hair, it can take care of the blemishes your razor may leave behind. This is an asset for anyone that shaves sensitive skin.


Dry Skin

Shaving can strip away important natural oils, leading to skin dryness and irritation if you do it regularly. Even the best hair removal for men's back and neck will prove ineffective if you've got dry skin, which is why it's essential to care for yours on an ongoing basis - especially after shaves. The right products can make all the difference in skin health!

Solution: Moisturize After Shaving

Men's back hair removal aftercare products are just as important to invest in as shaving creams and razors. You can trust Brickell's Rejuvenating Anti-aging Gel Moisturizer to give your skin the deep enrichment it needs to stay healthy. Use it after shaving - or any time your tissues need some love.

Extra Tips for a Smooth Back Hair Removal

It's no secret that back hair removal - especially lower back hair removal - is a challenging task. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it! There are plenty of innovative tools that can help you to get the job done the right way. Read below for some extra tips on how to shave your back both effectively and nick-free.

Use a Reach-Extending Tools

One of the most complicated parts of shaving your back is lacking the range of motion in your arms to reach all of the problem areas on your shoulders and back. Unless you are in Cirque du Soleil or a yoga instructor, you will inevitably struggle in some areas.

If you know in advance that you cannot access some of the problem areas, we suggest investing in reach-extending tools that are made specifically for this purpose. These products can be pricey, but having a well-groomed back will pay dividends in your partner’s happiness.

Use a Sharp Razor

Shaving with the grain of the hair is still ideal here, but in hard to reach areas like this, comfort really supersedes grain direction. Continue until you have removed much of the excess hair, or until you are happy with the results. Some may wish to stop here, but for both longer lasting results and a cleaner look, moving onto a razor is recommended.

Be Gentle & Take Your Time

Shaving your back can be a time-consuming process, so ensure you have the time and patience to commit to it before getting started. As we've established, rushing through a shave can easily lead to cuts, nicks, and razor burn. The best hair removal strategy for mens back areas is to try and use light and gentle strokes when applying the razor to the skin. Do otherwise and you'll need to know how to get rid of razor bumps and irritation.

Don't Forget to Moisturize Your Skin after Back Hair Removal

After the initial back hair removal shave, make sure to regularly moisturize the area with a natural body lotion for men to help rehydrate the skin. Like your face, shaving in this area saps the skin of much needed moisture, causing the skin to be dry and irritated.

Additionally, every so often try to exfoliate the area by using a natural face scrub for men in between shaves. The former hair over the area served as the first defense against clogged pores, so regularly cleaning the area will help prevent ingrown hairs and bacne breakouts that can look worse than the hair ever did. This should also help loosen the follicles to facilitate a quicker and easier shave on future shaves.

Your Takeaway

There are a lot of products, options and treatments out there when it comes to back hair removal for men. If you want the best of them all, try Brickell's complete collection of men's grooming kit essentials. It's packed with everything you need to achieve a crisp and clean shave every time - and this goes for every area of the body! Make our kit part of your shaving or overall skin care routine by shopping today.

Shaving your face can be difficult. Shaving your pubic area is even harder. Imagine doing either without the help of sight or reach and you can only imagine the difficulty that faces millions of men everyday who struggle through the twister game of back hair removal.

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