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3 More Manscaping Tips to Protect Your Skin

Manscaping tips

Body grooming - often called manscaping - is here to stay. The trend of men openly discussing their body grooming habits has been ushered into the mainstream by younger guys who are accustomed to making skincare and grooming part of their daily lives.

Just like everyone grooms their hair and beard differently, every guy handles body grooming differently. And that’s fine - there are not any one-size-fits-all approaches to dealing with the hair all over your body. Just make sure you’re safe, comfortable, and happy with the results.

To achieve all three goals, use these three manscaping tips. They’ll help you handle body grooming with confidence.

1 - Easy Does It

Be gentle on your skin - whether you’re grooming the hair on your shoulders, back, or privates. Before you get started, prep the area by washing and hydrating your skin. This is a good rule of thumb even if you’re only going to be trimming your body hair. But if you will be shaving, it’s a must.

Just like when you shave your face, easy does it. Prep the area first. Use a shave cream for men that hydrates the skin and forms a protective barrier between your skin and razor. Rinse the razor clean after every other stroke with warm water. Don’t try to rush through the process.

2 - Invest in Quality Tools

Shaving, trimming, or otherwise altering your natural body hair requires quality tools. Many guys start off using the same kind of razor they use on their face to shave the rest of themselves. But that’s not your best choice - those razors are specifically designed for your face. So choose a men’s body razor for a safer, smoother experience.

Another option is investing in a body hair trimmer. These are like clippers for your hair - but specifically designed to be maneuverable and safe to use all over your body. If trimming your body hair is a regular part of your grooming routine, spending a little more on a high quality trimmer could save you money and give you a better overall experience. Compare your options, read customer reviews from other guys, and consider expert recommendations before you buy.

3 - Use the Best Body Care Products for Men

Not all body washes and moisturizers are created equal. And when it comes to trimming your body hair - especially in the most delicate of places - you don’t want you do yourself the disservice of using low quality products.

Natural and organic body care products for men may not be the cheapest on the market. But what do you want to use on your skin - what’s inexpensive or what’s best?

When it comes to body wash for men, choose a product with hydrating ingredients that won’t dry out or irritate your skin. Both of those after effects are bad news - regardless of whether you’re going au-natural, trimming, or shaving your body hair.

If you choose to shave as part of your manscaping routine, use body lotion for men or aftershave immediately after to prevent irritation, burning, redness, and other unsavory post-shave problems.

Your Body Grooming Routine Matters

Keeping your body clean, attractive, and comfortable is important to being a successful, confident man. And while that’s different for everyone, the basics remain the same across the board.

Invest in high quality body care products for men. Expand your body grooming routine to include new products that can improve your experience - like body scrub for men. Using this pre-manscaping will reduce the risk of ingrown hairs and other irritation.

Beyond manscaping, there are lots of other ways to keep yourself looking and feeling great - like switching to natural deodorant for men, following a smart post-workout skincare routine, and more.

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