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5 Tips for Guys with Dry Skin

5 Tips for Guys with Dry Skin

Dry skin tends to be sensitive. It gets tight and uncomfortable. It gets cracked and itchy. And it doesn’t feel so great.

What’s lacking? Moisture, and lots of it. If you’ve got dry skin, your body produces a small amount of sebum - that’s your skin’s natural oil. With time, that lack of moisture leads to wrinkles, fine lines, loose skin, and other signs of aging. The sooner you do something about it, the better.

Want to keep your skin hydrated and prevent irritation or tightness? Apply these 5 tips for guys with dry skin.

1 - Get Face Wash Designed for Dry Skin

There are hundreds of different face washes and soaps available. How can you choose the right one?

If you’ve got dry skin, make sure you’re using a men’s face wash for dry skin. This is important because most soaps will dehydrate your skin as part of the cleansing process. They wash away excess oil along with the dirt and bacteria on your skin. But for your dry skin, you need a product that won’t strip away oil.

Look for natural and organic skincare products for men that contain gentle ingredients. For example, our Purifying Charcoal Face Wash is made with activated charcoal, olive oil, jojoba, and aloe vera. All of these are carefully selected to keep your face clean without causing any unnecessary dryness.

Purifying Charcoal Face Wash

It’s smart to compare different face washes before deciding which is best for you. If you still haven’t tried Brickell’s face washes, you can get them both free in our Starter Sample Kit.

2 - Use Different Morning/Night Moisturizers

Moisturizer is a must for guys with dry skin. But if you want the best results, choose the right products to use in the morning and in the evening. Why should you vary which moisturizer you use?

A morning face moisturizer for men should be lightweight, absorb quickly, and offer all day hydration. You don’t want to have to reapply it several times - or deal with a heavy, thick product that never quite soaks into your skin. If your skin is sensitive, go with an unscented face moisturizer for men.

face moisturizer for men

In the evening, things are a bit different. You won’t be out and about or exposed to the elements. And you want your skin to be well hydrated when you wake up. So a thicker, stronger moisturizing cream is best - such as an anti-aging cream for men.

Anti-aging cream does more than just protect the skin from dehydration. It also fights the aging process at a deeper level by stimulating the underlying facial muscles. As they contract, the skin tightens. That’s critical if you’ve got dry skin - a lack of moisture is a major risk factor for developing early wrinkles. When you use anti-aging cream for men, you fight this on two levels: you get maximum overnight skin hydration and prevent the onset of needless wrinkles.

3 - Don’t Exfoliate

Yes, you’ve seen the opposite advice before on The Grooming Manual. But not when it comes to guys with dry or sensitive skin. If you’re in that group, stay away from the scrub.

Face scrub for men is made with tiny scrubbing particles. They get rid of dead skin cells and excess oil buildup. But your dry skin doesn’t need that - it can be irritated by the scrub and doesn’t have any excess oil to speak of. So skip this often recommended skincare step (at the very most, you can exfoliate once a week). Instead, focus on keeping your skin hydrated. The next tip will help with that…

4 - Add Serum to Your Daily Skincare Routine

Skip the scrub and use face serum for men instead. Serum is a potent, concentrated product that should be used after you wash your face but before you apply moisturizer. It doesn’t sit on the outside of your skin - rather it penetrates deep to stimulate collagen production and hydration. Look for serum with protein peptides, vitamin C, and plant stem cells.

face serum for men

Just like with your moisturizer, using different products in the morning and evening will yield better results. A daytime face serum for men stimulates your skin first thing to boost collagen, and maximize skin moisture. The best nighttime face serum for men will reduce cell inflammation and nourish your skin with essential nutrients overnight.

If you already follow a basic skincare routine - and hopefully you do if you have dry, sensitive skin - face serum for men is a must. You can skip the face scrub, but your skin will appreciate the extra moisture and nutrients from a serum.

5 - Be Gentle with Your Skin

Whether you’re washing, drying, moisturizing, or doing anything else to your skin, please be gentle. Dry skin is sensitive and can easily become irritated. That won’t look great and can get downright uncomfortable.

Here are some simple ways you can be gentler with your skin everyday:

  • Pat your face dry, don’t rub it aggressively with your towel.
  • Use cool or lukewarm water in the shower, to wash your face, and to shave. Hot water is much harder on the skin.
  • Use low lather or non-lathering soaps and body washes. The foamy lather of many products is produced by harsh chemical detergents. Gentler ingredients foam up less but are still effective and treat your skin better.
  • Wash your face a maximum of twice per day.

Start with whichever of these five tips for men with dry skin is easiest to apply. As you see results, you’ll be motivated to apply the rest. As you do, you’ll enjoy better skin everyday.

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