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Simplify Your Men’s Skincare Routine for Better Results

men's skincare routine

As with most things in life, a simpler approach is better when it comes to men’s skincare.

Take a quick walk down the skincare aisle at your local drugstore and you’ll find a ton of different products and brands - every imaginable kind of wash, toner, soap, scrub, mask, moisturizer, powder, and wipe. It’s quite a thing to see.

Do you really need every single one of those products in your life just to get better skin?

Nope. A simple men’s skincare routine can ultimately be more effective than a major, complicated regimen. But you have to choose the right products. You have to make sure they’re right for your skin type. And you have to stick to the routine.

Here’s how other guys have made it work - and how you can do the same.


Start Simple - Just Three Products

You do not need to dive into the deep end of men’s skincare to see results. Start with a simple routine that includes just three products. They are:

  1. Face wash
  2. Face scrub
  3. Face moisturizer

Nothing too outlandish or shocking. Nothing you’ve never heard of before. Just three essentials that will get your skin looking better.

Why these three specific products? Why not a face mask for face toner, for example?

Assuming you’re new to skincare, your first goal should be to keep your skin clean, blemish free, and prevent wrinkles. That’s what these three products achieve.

  • Face wash for men gets the dirt, bacteria, and other junk off. That keeps your skin looking great and reduces the risk of developing acne. It also keeps your skin’s natural oil in check. You should use it every morning and evening.
  • Face scrub for men cleans a bit deeper. You only need to use it 3-4 times each week. It exfoliates your skin - removing the outer layer of dead skin cells. It also removes the built up oil and bacteria that can clog pores and create blemishes and breakouts. That results in a brighter, healthier complexion everyday.
  • Face moisturizer for men hydrates your skin, protecting it from dryness and the aging process. Without proper moisture, your skin gets dull and saggy. This is when wrinkles, age spots, and other signs of aging start to appear. Men’s face moisturizer can’t keep you perpetually young, but it will make your skin look and feel better everyday.


Make Skincare Easy to Remember

Many guys ignore skincare - not because they don’t want better skin - but just because they forget. Or it seems too time consuming. That’s why this routine is kept to a trim three products. But there are even more ways you can simplify skincare for yourself.

  • Leave your products out where you will see them. It’s easy to remember to wash, scrub, and moisturizer your skin if your products are out on the bathroom shelf or counter. It’s a quick visual reminder. And it saves you the extra time of getting them out. That sounds like a little thing - and it is. But it’s also one less excuse not to take care of your skin.
  • Set a reminder. Do you leave the house at the same time each morning? Set a reminder on your phone for 15 minutes before you walk out the door to remember your skincare routine. Do the same 15 minutes before you get ready for bed. That way you don’t miss cleansing and moisturizing twice daily.
  • See the results. Just starting a new skincare routine? Take a before picture of your face. Then take a new picture every week or so to see how you’re improving. Seeing the results for yourself will inspire you to stick to your routine - even on the days when you’re in a rush and don’t feel like taking five minutes to take care of your face.


Your Simple Routine Is Easy to Build On

Start with this simple, three-step routine. As you notice improvements, you may choose to add to that basic routine. If so, great! But don’t give up on the essentials.

Here are some easy ways to build on your starter routine to see better results:

  • Anti-Aging - Add a nighttime anti aging routine for men that includes face serum, anti aging cream, and eye cream. It will keep your skin youthful and tight in defiance of the aging process. You’ll also notice fewer age spots and reduced dark circles beneath your eyes.
  • Oil Control - If you’ve got oily skin, a face toner for men and a face mask for men are two smart ways to get it under control. They contribute to a matte appearance and reduced breakouts - two major problems for guys with oily skin.
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