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7 Haircare Tips for Men

7 Hair Care Tips for Men

You take good care of your skin and your body. You work hard to eat right, exercise, and look your best.

Great. But how’s your hair looking?

If your answer is “not great,” -- or if you don’t even think much about your hair -- you’re making a huge mistake. Think about it: smart grooming doesn’t stop at your hairline! So you need to treat and style your hair properly if you want to stay looking great.

The good news? This isn’t as hard as it may seem. Here are 7 essential, easy-to-follow hair care and hair health tips for men to take your game up a notch. 


1 - Use Natural, Gentle Shampoo

Your hair deserves to be treated with a product that contains only natural ingredients that cleanse gently. Avoid shampoos with long lists of harsh chemical ingredients. 

Since we’re dedicated to only using the best natural ingredients in all our products, you won’t find any petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, or silicones in either of our shampoos. Here’s what we use instead:

  • Daily Strengthening Shampoo: Made with hydrolyzed wheat protein (to thicken and strengthen hair), amino acids (to increase follicle volume and shine), vitamin E (to promote healthy hair growth), and peppermint and tea tree oils (to relieve irritation and soothe the scalp).
  • Relieving Dandruff Shampoo: Made with Ziziphus Joazeiro bark extract (to eliminate bacteria and fungus that cause dandruff and flakes), jojoba (to dissolve the build-up on your scalp that can lead to flakes), and aloe vera (to moisturize and nourish your hair and scalp).


2 - Don’t Shampoo Every Day

A lot of guys get in the habit of using shampoo every day, assuming that they should be washing their hair every single time they hop in the shower. But for many men, this is simply not the case. 

The oils your scalp secretes are meant to nourish your hair, protect it, and keep it healthy. Shampooing too often strips those oils out, making your hair look dull, brittle, and weak. 

This is a concern if you have naturally dry or thin hair, or if you use a harsh shampoo with sulfates, parabens, and overly drying detergents.

We’re not suggesting that you skip the shampoo altogether (your hair gets sweaty, dirty, and gross - please wash it). Instead, switch to a strengthening, volumizing shampoo and consider adjusting your frequency of hair washing as necessary depending on your hair type and other factors. 

The good-for-your-hair ingredients in our Daily Strengthening Shampoo -  like hydrolyzed wheat protein, amino acids, and vitamin E - strengthen your hair shaft and nourish individual strands. 

This is still true even if you’re trying to deal with an outbreak of dandruff. Our Relieving Dandruff Shampoo has the scalp soothing, dandruff eliminating effects you need even if you use it every other day - or less often if you have an especially sensitive scalp.

And one more hair health tip to remember: your hair should still feel slightly oily after washing it, as that signifies that your natural oils are still intact and you’re not stripping your strands away into nothing. 


3 - Use Hair Conditioner 

Sorry guys, but shampoo alone won’t keep you looking your best. Remember: even the most natural shampoo can remove nourishing oils from your hair, and it doesn’t do much to protect your hair against day-to-day damage and the elements. 

The right hair conditioner - one with the best natural ingredients - will. Unlike shampoo, hair conditioner doesn’t simply wash away oil and grime. Instead, it:

  • Nourishes your hair and scalp
  • Replaces lost oils
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Protects and strengthens your hair’s cuticle
  • Maximizes hair health 

This leaves your hair moisturized, strong, and shinier over time. Our Revitalizing Hair Conditioner supports your hair and scalp with organic aloe, borage oil, and avocado oil.

Unless you have really long hair, you only need to apply a nickel sized amount of conditioner about two-three times a week - and make sure that you work the conditioner into your scalp and through the ends of your hair. After all, the scalp is where your hair grows out of, so making sure that your scalp is healthy is necessary for strong, healthy-looking hair. 

And don’t worry - it won’t make your hair greasy if you have naturally oily hair. Just pay attention to how your hair responds and adjust the frequency of application accordingly. 


4 - Visit Your Barber Regularly 

Do you endlessly delay your trips to the barber? Try to put it off until you can’t possibly wait any more? If so, this is one of the simplest but most important hair health tips for you.

Making grooming a priority includes regular trips to the barbershop. Though it depends largely on your hairstyle and the length you like to keep, we recommend that you try to go at least every month.

This isn’t just about keeping up your look. Your hair is constantly exposed to the elements, heat, and friction from clothing and day-to-day activity. This weakens strands, leading to split ends and dryer, more damaged looking hair. 

Regular cuts or trims can effectively get rid of this damage, leading to stronger, healthier hair over time. 


5 - Choose a Hairstyle that Flatters Your Face

Not all hairstyles are created equal. And not all guys will look the same, even with the same haircut. It’s important that you choose a hairstyle that fits and flatters your unique face shape. 

First, think about your face shape and your hair texture. Then check out hairstyles that are designed to flatter you (you can learn more about choosing the right hairstyle for your face shape here). 

This advice isn’t meant to limit your options based on the recommendations -- you can find some version of any style that will work for you. It’s just about understanding what enhances your particular features and how to choose a style that will give you a great look.


6 - Take It Easy on Your Hair

If you’re rough, tough, and careless with your hair when washing and styling, you’re doing yourself a major disservice. But a lot of guys tend to have a hard time with what might be the easiest of our hair health tips: be gentle.

Your hair will look much better if you treat it gently once you get out of the shower and start styling. More specifically, be gentle when: 

Drying Your Hair

  • Don’t aggressively rub and pull at your hair with a towel - that generates strand-weakening friction.
  • Avoid super hot showers - the high temperature water strips away your natural oils.
  • Be careful with extra hot hair dryer settings - long term exposure to such high temperatures will leave your hair brittle and dehydrated, basically looking like hay.

Instead, gently towel-dry your hair when you get out of the shower. And if you do use a hair dryer, be sure to turn down the heat, keep the dryer moving, and hold the dryer further away from your scalp. 

Styling Your Hair

In the same vein, don’t yank on tangles or pull on your hair when brushing or styling. This will both irritate your scalp and lead to hair thinning over time, especially for guys that have already started to lose their hair. 

The smarter choice is to get in the habit of gently brushing your hair (using the right conditioner will make everything smoother and easier) and taking your time working through any tangles you might have. 


7 - Use Natural Styling Products  

Finally, you’ll want to finish up your hair care routine with natural, healthy-for-your hair styling products. 

Too many styling products contain harsh ingredients that not only dry and damage your hair but also leave you with a thick, crunchy look. Plus, hair gels, pomades, and waxes are absorbed into your scalp much more than shampoo and conditioner. So if you’re using a product with potentially harmful ingredients, those chemicals will creep down into your hair follicles and negatively impact your hair growth. Not great. 

That’s why you’re better off using a natural and organic styling product - and why our pomades contain hydrating, non-damaging ingredients, like beeswax, castor oil, vitamin E, and argan oil. 

There are lots of options here depending on the finished look you’re going for: 

  • Choose our Shaping Paste Pomade to get definition and texture plus control frizz with minimal shine.

Ready to get started? Check out our hair care and styling products or learn more in our complete collection of helpful hair care tips. Here’s to good hair days!

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