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Are You Washing Your Hair Too Often?

Are You Washing Your Hair Too Often?

You can have too much of a good thing. Like when you eat the whole tub of ice cream. Or when you binge watch your favorite show until 3am. Or when you wash your hair everyday without any thought as to why.

That’s right - you might be washing your hair too often. How can you figure out the right frequency for hair washing? What are the consequences of over-washing? And how can you be sure you’re using the best shampoo for men?

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

When you wash your hair, the shampoo traps and removes oils. Then you rinse it all away, leaving you with non-greasy, dirt-free hair. But you don’t necessarily need to do this everyday.

Your hair should always have some oil on it. Your scalp produces sebum - the same oil that coats and protects your skin. This keeps your hair strands moisturized and protects them from becoming dull, dry, and damaged. Zero oils isn’t what you want - some oil is good for your hair, giving it a healthy shine and texture.

So who should wash their hair daily?

  • Guys with fine hair
  • Guys who work out frequently and get lots of sweat in their hair
  • Guys who live in an area with humid weather

Those factors contribute to a dirty, oily scalp and require frequent hair washing. Also, if you have dandruff, washing more often can be helpful. Just be sure to use a gentle shampoo for men and turn down the water temperature a bit. Hot water dries out the scalp and can exacerbate your dandruff problem.

But if you have thicker, drier hair you probably don’t need to wash it daily. Instead, wash your hair every 1-3 days, as needed. How can you tell that it’s time to use shampoo?

  • Your hair is visibly greasy or feels oily
  • Your scalp feels itchy
  • Your scalp is dry and flaking
  • You’ve got sweaty, salty buildup in your hair

What Are the Consequences of Over-Washing?

Washing your hair too often can cause a variety of problems, such as…

Excessive oil production. Chemical heavy shampoos that strip away natural oils can cause your hair to get excessively oily. How? When you lather up and remove all the oil in your hair, it’s left dry and damage prone. To counteract this, your body produces more sebum - the skin and scalp’s natural oil. That leads to an excessively oily scalp and greasy hair. All because of your low quality, aggressively oil-stripping shampoo - and your excessively frequent hair washing.

Dry hair. On the flip side, your scalp may not produce a lot of sebum. This is common in guys with dry skin. As a result, washing too frequently can cause dry, damaged hair. This is bad news if your hair is thinning as well. The result will be weak, damage prone hair that looks dull.

The best way to avoid these issues is to use a gentle shampoo for men made with natural ingredients. Make sure it’s not made with harsh detergents. Instead, look for ingredients like hydrolyzed wheat protein, vitamin E, and tea tree oil. These ingredients cleanse, hydrate, and nourish your hair and scalp. You get excellent results - clean, healthy hair and a flake-free scalp - without the harsh chemical after-effects.

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Follow a Smart Hair Care Routine

For the best results, follow a hair care routine for men tailored to your needs. It should include the best natural shampoo for men and a natural hair conditioner for men. Use these products as needed, not necessarily daily. Make sure your approach to haircare for men is designed with your personal hair type and style in mind. For more information on how to create a complete skincare, grooming, or hair care routine, check out this guide.

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