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How to Protect Your Dry Skin During the Winter

How to Protect Your Dry Skin During the Winter

Winter is coming… not to get too dramatic. But the truth is that dry, cold weather is no good for your skin. It gets worse if you naturally have dry or sensitive skin - because those skin types are more likely to become dehydrate.

Once your skin is dry, it’s at risk to develop wrinkles and fine lines. You need moisture to keep you face looking youthful and fresh. But how can you do that when the temperature is dropping, the humidity is around 0%, and there’s no sight of spring for months to come?

Use these tips. Because your skin deserves some protection from Old Man Winter.

Why Cold Air Dehydrates Skin

Your body produces oil naturally to hydrate and protect the skin. But during the winter, the cold, dry air causes that natural moisture to evaporate away. That leaves you feeling itchy, flakey, and all around nasty.

It’s not just your skin. Your lips are especially adverse to the cold weather. They’re made up of extremely thin, sensitive skin. So your hydration game has to be strong to save your lips from getting cracked, split, and chapped.

Use a Gentle Face Wash

Traditional soaps contain harsh detergents that leech moisture from your skin. That means they’re never a good choice - but during winter, it becomes even more important to switch to a better option.

Use a gentle face wash for men to cleanse your skin without stripping away natural oils and moisture. A non-lathering face wash for men with ingredients like olive oil, activated charcoal, tea tree oil will get you clean and fresh without over-drying.

gentle face wash for men

Step Up Your Anti-Aging Efforts

The aging process goes into overdrive when you’ve got dehydrated skin. So make sure you’re not letting the cold winter air age you faster than normal.

Each night before you go to bed, apply an anti-aging cream for men. Make sure it’s a natural formula that uses ingredients like hyaluronic acid and MSM to maximize hydration. Using it before bed allows the cream to penetrate deep into your skin overnight, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots.

anti aging cream for men

Moisturize Each Morning

You’re already washing your face each morning before you head out, right? (We really hope so.) But don’t leave your morning skincare routine at just a simple wash. Step up your daily skincare routine for men with serum and moisturizer.

After washing, apply a daytime face serum for men. This potent combination of ingredients stimulates collagen production with protein peptides. It is designed to hydrate the deepest skin tissue, not just the outer layer.

Once your serum has absorbed, use a face moisturizer for men. This should be a daily habit all year long, but it’s of critical importance during the winter.

Hydration Beyond Your Face

Sure, you want your money-maker to look 100% all winter long. But don’t ignore your other parts that can get dry, flakey, and itchy during the cold season.

Lips. Apply a natural lip balm for men daily to protect your fragile lips from the harsh weather. Because chapped, cracked lips feel terrible and look even worse.

Hands. Just like your lips, your hands can get chapped and cracked when exposed to winter conditions. That’s why you need the best natural hand cream for men. Use it throughout the day to keep your hands hydrated, tight, and safe from the weather.

Body. Dry skin happens. Everywhere. So you need a body lotion for men that will provide plenty of hydration. Use it right after you shower to prevent the hot water from causing excessive moisture loss. (A lukewarm shower is best if you have dry or sensitive skin.)

Enjoy the Winter, Look Your Best

Nothing against winter, it’s a beautiful season. But the weather is hard on your skin. So go on the offensive - use the best skincare and grooming products for men to stay hydrated and prevent dryness, itchiness, other common irritation.

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