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Does Your Haircare Routine Match Your Hair Type?

Does Your Haircare Routine Match Your Hair Type?

You know the importance of following a skincare regimen that fits your skin type. But are you taking the same approach to haircare for men?

You may be thinking, “I’ve got this under control. Shampoo, bam, I’m done. That’s it.” Sounds nice and simple. But it’s far less effective than it could be.

Yes, using shampoo will remove grime and grease from your hair. But harsh detergents in shampoo can also strip essential oils from your hair. You’re left with a dehydrated, dull mess.

If you’re starting to lose your hair - and noticing thinning areas - this is even worse. You need to take an active approach to haircare for men in order to keep what’s left of your hair in the best shape possible.

Hair Types vs. Hair Textures

There are four hair types that guys fall into. They are:

- Straight: No matter how long it grows, your hair keeps going straight, never curling.

- Wavy: At a few inches of length, your hair starts to curl.

- Coiled: Your hair grows in loose yet defined curls.

- Kinky: Hair grows in close, tight curls that cannot be easily separated.

Apart from your hair type, you should also consider your hair texture:

Fine: Hair strands are fine, with little volume.

Thick: Hair strands are wide and plentiful. No scalp is visible through your hair.

Normal: Hair is right in the middle, neither fine nor thick.

Thinning: Hair loss is causing a receding hairline and making visible sections of scalp.

There may be slight variations on each of these styles and textures, but most guys can easily identify which categories they fall into.

An important note: there is no ideal hair type or texture. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. What’s important is that you learn to take care of your hair so that it looks its best.

Developing Your Haircare Routine

Regardless of your hair type, you need to make haircare for men a priority. That means using two essential products each week: shampoo and conditioner.


Choose a natural shampoo for men that doesn’t contain harsh chemical detergents. Gentle, natural cleansers will keep your hair free of unwanted debris without killing its natural shine or leaving it stripped of all moisture.

natural shampoo for men

If you have fine or thinning hair, a volumizing shampoo for men is best. It will nourish your hair strands, keeping them full and wide. It also helps keep hair roots stiff and lifted up and away from the scalp. This gives you hair a fuller, thicker texture - even if you are already starting to lose some of it.

If you have coiled or kinky hair, beware of shampoos with harsh ingredients. These products can dehydrate your already dry-prone hair, leading to frizz and damage.


Too many guys overlook this essential part of their haircare for men routine. You need to use hair conditioner for men each week in order to keep your hair healthy and give it a natural shine.

haircare routine for men

Most guys don’t need to use hair conditioner for men everyday. It depends on your style. Here are some tips:

- Fine/Thin Hair: Use conditioner about 3 times each week to add volume and keep your hair properly hydrated.

- Thick Hair: Depending on the type and texture of your thick hair, your ideal conditioner use will be 1-3 times each week. Experiment to find the ideal level of hydration and shine.

- Coiled/Kinky Hair: Use hair conditioner for men frequently to avoid over-drying and excessive frizz.


There are all kinds of different styling options available to guys. It can be overwhelming to decide which to use - if any. For most guys, a medium hold product - like flexible hold wax pomade for men - is a good choice. It will keep your style in place without leaving your hair crunchy or overly rigid.

Follow Your Haircare Routine

A good haircare for men routine does not have to be complicated or extensive. But it should be complete. That means it includes both shampoo for men and natural hair conditioner for men. For the best results, adjust your routine to make sure it fits your haircare needs.

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