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5 Ways for Men to Prevent Wrinkles

5 Ways for Men to Prevent Wrinkles

What’s the #1 sign of aging? Wrinkles. As they spread across your face, they tell everyone around you, “This guy’s not getting any younger.”

That’s not to say that a few wrinkles and fine lines can’t give a man a distinguished look. It’s working great for George Clooney and other maturing stars of the entertainment industry.

But there’s a big difference between distinguished and just plain wrinkly.

Want to prevent wrinkles and maintain a youthful appearance? It can be done - and it doesn’t require extreme procedures at the dermatologist’s office.

You can’t stop the aging process. But you can slow it down with a good skincare for men routine and by applying these five tips.

1 - Don’t Dehydrate Your Skin with Harsh Soaps

When your skin cells get dehydrated, they die and build up. This leads to tough, dry skin. Not a pretty picture.

You may be naturally prone to dry skin. But there’s another culprit: the strong detergents in your soap.

Want to prevent dehydration and wrinkles? Switch from harsh soaps with strong synthetic ingredients to a natural body wash for men or a natural soap bar for men. A mild, sulfate-free soap will remove excess oil and grime without leaving your skin overly-dry.

2 - Use Sunscreen

The leading cause of wrinkles and other signs of aging is sun exposure. UV radiation causes skin damage - including age spots, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles.

Don’t fool yourself - sun damage doesn’t just happen when you spend the day at the beach. Your everyday sun exposure - even if very limited - is contributing to the aging process.

Good news: it’s not hard to prevent sun damage. Use sunscreen whenever you will spend more than 15 minutes outside. Reapply every few hours for the best results.

Don’t think you can slack on overcast days. Remember, those UV rays are still reaching your skin through the clouds.

3 - Start an Anti-Aging Routine Before Wrinkles Form

Anti-aging is all about wrinkle prevention. Reversing the process is much harder than preventing it in the first place.

How should you start? Make sure you’re following a basic skincare routine for men. Use natural face wash for men and face moisturizer for men everyday.

The most sensitive skin on your face is under and around your eyes. This is where you will first start to notice wrinkles in your late 20’s. For that reason, an eye cream for men is a great place to start with your anti-aging routine.

Of course, wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots don’t shop up just around your eyes. To stay hydrated and prevent wrinkles, use an advanced anti-aging routine for men that includes face serum for men and anti-aging cream for men.

4 - Exfoliate

Hydration is essential for wrinkle prevention. But so is exfoliation. Scrubbing away the outermost layer of dead skin will promote a healthy, clear complexion.

Use face scrub for men no more than three times each week to remove dead skin buildup. This encourages cellular turnover. And it will improve your shave routine too.

face scrub for men

5 - Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Your skin depends on many essential nutrients to stay healthy and youthful. If you aren’t eating a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, you are doing your skin a major disservice.

Take an honest look at your lifestyle to see if there’s room for improvement. Quit smoking. Get plenty of sleep each night. Exercise regularly. These all contribute to better skin and can help reduce the appearance of common signs of aging.

Simple and Effective Skincare Prevents Wrinkles

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to prevent wrinkles. Just follow a simple skincare routine for men. Use natural skincare products for men that cleanse and hydrate your skin without leaving it overly-dry or stripped of natural oils.

Apply these tips and you’ll be able to successfully prevent the early onset of wrinkles and other common signs of aging.

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