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How to Beat a Bad Hair Day

How to Beat a Bad Hair Day


Bedhead. Mop. Cowlick. Mess.

Do these words ever describe your hair?

If so, no worries. Everybody has a bad hair day from time to time. No matter how messy your hair might look first thing in the morning, you can get it under control with a smart men’s grooming plan.

The Grooming Manual is about more than just quick fixes. Sure, it’s important to know how to fix your hair in an absolute style emergency. But prevention is always the best policy.

What’s the best haircare routine for men to minimize bad hair days? How can you keep your hair as healthy as possible? And what can you do if your hair just won’t cooperate?

Prevent Bad Hair

Healthy hair is less likely to turn into a bushy mess of bad hair. Wash your hair regularly with natural shampoo for men. That will keep it clean without stripping away the natural oils your hair needs to be styled easily.

Important note: “regular” hair washing is different for everybody. Some guys swear by daily shampooing. Others will tell you every other day. And some guys even less. 

Who’s right?

Well, everybody. Kinda.

Daily. This is best for straight, fine hair. It will leave your hair with the least amount of oil and debris. 

Every Other Day. Some guys find that daily shampooing makes their hair produce too much or not enough sebum - a natural oil that coats the hair. If that’s your case, every other day might be best.

Weekly. Like your hair best once it’s covered in its own oils? Weekly washing is for you. Just be warned - this isn't always a popular choice with your significant other.

Regardless of how often you wash your hair with natural shampoo for men, don’t skip the all important step of conditioning. Yes - hair conditioner for men is a must if you want healthy, easy to style hair.

Dealing with the Mess

Prevention is a major part of the bad hair battle. But no matter how hard you try, some days are just gonna be ugly. What can you do?

Wet your hair. You can do it at the shower or the sink - it doesn’t much matter. Just be sure that it’s totally wet. Dry it with a towel, but not too aggressively. Leave it damp enough to move and shape easily.

Apply product. If your hair is unruly, you need to get it under control. Natural wax pomade for men is a great option. It will hold your hair in place without getting crunchy or rock solid. It washes out easily in warm water and won’t leave your hair dry or covered in little dandruff snowflakes.

Shape and style. Flexible hold wax pomade for men is best because it’s easy to style. Brush and comb until everything’s in place.

Deal with the unruly and rebellious. On the worst of the bad hair days, you might need to do some touch ups even after the whole process. Try slightly wetting your cowlicks and brushing again. Or re-apply a touch of pomade to the hairs that just won’t cooperate.

Getting Along with Your Hair

Want more good hair days than bad ones? Learn to get along with your hair.

Take good care of it - by using quality shampoo for men at the right frequency for you. Don’t be pressured into a shampoo routine by style gurus or fashion experts. Find the haircare routine that’s best for you.

Keep your hair hydrated and healthy by using hair conditioner for men. It’s just as important as shampooing - especially if you find that your hair tends to be flat and dry.

Use a quality styling product. Skip the aerosol hairsprays and thick gels. Try wax pomade for men for a flexible hold that will stay in place throughout the day.

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