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How to Heal Scars from Acne and Pimples

How to Heal Scars from Acne and Pimples

Whether they appeared after a series of breakouts during your teen years, a bout of adult acne, or simply a rogue pimple or two that popped up unexpectedly - acne scars and hyperpigmentation are no joke. And they can be really hard to get rid of. 

Even if your skincare regimen is great now, these unwelcome reminders of past breakouts can seriously damage self-esteem and confidence in your looks. 

The good news? They’re not impossible to get rid of. Here’s what you need to do to effectively heal scars and hyperpigmentation from acne and pimples. 

What Are Scars and Hyperpigmentation 

To understand what to do, you first have to understand exactly what you’re dealing with. 

The term “acne scarring” can refer to a whole range of marks that acne breakouts leave behind. They can appear as pigmentation, or as rolling, boxcar, and ice-pick scars. All forms of acne scarring can last for months, or even years. 

Understanding Acne Scars 

Scars appear when you touch and squeeze spots that should have been left alone. They’re especially likely to form on people who have cystic acne or significant congestion that was touched too soon or too aggressively. 

This overzealousness damages nearby veins, glands, and tissues, causing the spots to scar. The scars themselves are made of an overproduction of collagen that forms when then wound is healing. 


Hyperpigmentation is an overproduction of melanin that develops as a result of trauma to the skin. 

Hyperpigmentation doesn’t damage the follicle, so it isn’t considered a true form of scarring. That said, these dark patches can be just as frustrating and difficult to get rid of. 

How to Treat Existing Acne Scars 

You won’t be able to get rid of scars without a comprehensive acne skincare routine for men that will help fade scars, rebuild your skin’s natural barrier, and deal with any existing congestion that could cause problems down the line. 

First, you have to deal with the existing scarring and hyperpigmentation. The goal here is to build your skin’s collagen and fade existing spots. This requires ingredients like: 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant powerhouse that’s known for its ability to reduce signs of aging, repair damaged skin, accelerate collagen synthesis, and correct hyperpigmentation. It’s also an amazing acne-fighter, meaning that it can actually preemptively combat the bacteria that lead to acne scars.

acne scar cream for men

As part of your skincare regimen, vitamin C can effectively fade scars and hyperpigmentation over time. You can find an effective amount of vitamin C in our Clearing Scar Cream for Men. 

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

This is a nutrient found in most well-known superfoods (like spinach and kale) - and naturally in our own bodies - that brightens skin and reduces pigmentation. It’s also known to inhibit the breakdown of collagen, reduce inflammation, and make the cell wall more permeable. That helps vital nutrients flow easily into the cells. 


Peptides are proteins found naturally in skin that communicate with cells to trigger collagen production. Our skin is primarily comprised of collagen, which breaks down as we age and settles unevenly when you have acne scars. Applying peptides topically can correct some of this unevenness and allow for smoother, scar-free skin.


Antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E protect your skin against free radical damage and repair existing damage. This tones skin, reduces inflammation, and lessens the appearance of acne scars. 

You can find vitamin C, MSM, and antioxidants in our Clearing Scar Cream For Men. It's a natural moisturizer that can effectively fade acne scars, brighten skin, soothe inflammation, and reduce blemishes. 

If you’re looking to build a more comprehensive - and effective - routine, you should also consider:

  • Resurfacing Anti-Aging Cream for Men: This moisturizer contains scar-healing ingredients like vitamin C and MSM. It's also made with ultra-hydrating borage oil, which is known to restore moisture and smoothness to damaged or aged skin. 
  • Hyaluronic Acid Booster for Men: A key part of dealing with acne scars is making sure that your skin stays moisturized. Dry, flaking skin will exacerbate the appearance of scars or uneven tone and texture and make it more difficult for active ingredients like vitamin C to soak into the skin. This hyaluronic acid booster can help with all those concerns.
  • Protein Peptides Booster for Men: If you want to maximize anti-aging and smoothing results, use this boost of raw peptides to firm, restore, and revive your collagen production. 

anti-aging boosters for men

How To Prevent Future Scars and Sun Spots 

Limit Sun Exposure 

Sun exposure inevitably makes any sunspots or scarring more pronounced. It will also create new spots, even if you’re using the right skincare ingredients. 

That’s why it’s important to limit sun exposure by: 

  • Staying out of the sun 
  • Using protective clothing
  • Using an effective sunscreen 

Incorporate SPF Into Your Routine 

Incorporate a natural daily SPF that can protect and treat your skin. Our Daily Defense Face Moisturizer For Men contains: 

  • Aloe vera to deeply penetrate the skin and provide essential moisture
  • Natural zinc oxide and titanium dioxide SPF to protect against harmful UVA/UVB rays 
  • Green tea to provide robust anti-aging antioxidants 
  • Vitamin E to fight free radicals and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 

spf face moisturizer for men

Use Acne Controlling Products 

Finally, you’ll want to wash your face regularly and use acne-fighting ingredients. We recommend: 

  • Acne Controlling Face Wash for Men: This face wash features acne-busting natural ingredients like tea tree oil, grapefruit, and salicylic acid. They'll help you cleanse acne-prone skin, clear up existing blemishes, and reduce the frequency of breakouts. 
  •  Balancing Toner for Men: Applying a toner after you wash can help balance your skin, reduce irritation, settle any inflammation, and blast any acne-causing bacteria that might be lingering post-wash. 

acne controlling face wash for men

Then, of course, finish with your boosters and creams of choice. 

Follow this comprehensive routine, and you’ll heal your acne scars and sunspots for good. 

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